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A Complete Guide to Arriving and Departing from Entebbe International Airport

Guideline for Arrival at Entebbe Airport:

When arriving at Entebbe International Airport, it is essential to be prepared for the unique arrival procedures, as the airport is currently undergoing significant redevelopment. These changes may occur at short notice, so staying informed is crucial for a smooth arrival experience.

First and foremost, make sure you travel with the name and phone number of your hotel or tour operator that is responsible for picking you up, which should have been provided to you prior to your journey.

Upon your arrival, please follow the following steps:

After disembarking from your aircraft, head to the Arrivals building.

Health Check: Be prepared to present your Covid-19 vaccination and Yellow Fever certificates.

Immigration: Have your visa, which you obtained in advance online, ready for inspection.

Baggage Reclaim: Collect your luggage from the conveyor belts, and if you encounter any issues with your baggage, airport staff will guide you to the Arrivals office for assistance. Complimentary trolleys are available for your convenience.

Security Screening: Pass your baggage through a final screening via the x-ray machine.

Arrivals Foyer: Exit into the Arrivals foyer, where you will find various amenities, including ATM machines, forex bureaus, cafes, restrooms, phone company shops, an information desk, and the office of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

Meeting Your Driver: As you exit the Arrivals hall, you will notice a group of people waiting to greet arriving passengers. Look for your driver, who will be holding a sign with your name on it. If you need assistance during any part of this process, airport staff will be readily available to help. Don’t be alarmed by the presence of armed police and security personnel; this is standard procedure. In case you have arranged for a car hire in Entebbe, then their representative will be right there waiting for you.

In the rare event that you can’t locate your driver, do not panic. Ugandans are friendly and mostly speak English. Many of them know each other, so you can inquire at the taxi desk or with someone holding a sign to see if they know your driver, hotel or tour company that you booked with.

Alternatively, you can return to the Arrivals foyer, pass through the security scanning machine, and seek assistance at the AUTO office or information desk, depending on what is open at the time of your arrival. You can also contact your driver, hotel, or Tour Company through a phone call or message. If your driver is delayed for any reason, you can wait for them at one of the airport cafes.

If you are being met by a hotel representative, follow the same arrival procedures outlined above. Look for the representative among the crowd outside Arrivals, holding a sign with either your name or the hotel’s name. They will be using a private vehicle and will take you to the car park, eliminating the need to find a bus stop or station. If there are other clients arriving at a similar time, you may need to wait for a short while and share transportation with them.

After getting into the car, your driver would need to go and pay for the parking ticket, and then smoothly exit the airport to head to your hotel or different destination of your choice.

Guideline for Departure from Entebbe Airport:

Navigating Entebbe International Airport involves a series of checkpoints and procedures to ensure a safe and secure travel experience. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process:

First Security Checkpoint at the Gate/Entrance: Your journey begins with a security screening at the entrance of the airport. Both the driver and passengers in the vehicle are required to undergo security checks, and the vehicle itself is subject to physical inspection.

Car Park Access: Once you have passed the initial security checkpoint, your vehicle should be parked in the public car park. From there, you will proceed to the departure level to begin the next steps of your travel.

Second Security Point on Departure Level: At this stage, passengers are separated from non-travelers. To enter the restricted area, you will need to show your passport and ticket for verification.

Hold Baggage Check Point: Your checked baggage will go through a screening process conducted by Aviation Security staff to ensure safety and security.

Documents Verification: Here, you will need to present your passport, which serves as your legal identity, along with your ticket showing your destination to airline staff or their representatives, the Ground Handling Staff. After verification, they will stamp either your visa (if applicable) or your ticket for the next step of check-in. If your destination requires it, you should also present a valid yellow fever vaccination card. Non-compliance with any of these requirements will be communicated to you, and in some cases, it may result in a denial of travel.

Check-in Counters and Baggage Drop: After meeting the necessary requirements, you can proceed to the check-in counters. Your passport, ticket, or visa with the stamp will be presented for check-in. Your baggage weight will be measured in accordance with the required weight indicated on your ticket. If there are any issues with excess baggage, ticket changes, or upgrades, you will be informed about the associated costs and referred to the relevant airline for payment. You will receive physical or electronic receipts for these payments and be issued with a boarding pass and baggage claim tags.

Note: There are two types of check-in for passengers: Online check-in passengers, who may skip the check-in counters if they have no baggage to check, and non-online check-in passengers, who must follow all check-in processes.

Immigration Desk: Responsible for border management and the detection of human and child trafficking, the immigration desk is where you will present your passport for exit visa/stamp, boarding passes, and hotel booking (if required). Immigration officers will permit you to proceed for travel if you meet the destination requirements and have complied with Uganda’s rules and regulations. If you have previously visited Uganda, ensure that you have not exceeded your issued visa period. Failure to comply with any requirements may lead to denial of exit, and in such cases, the airline or ground handling agent will be informed.

Last Security Check: Just before entering the boarding gate, you will go through a final security checkpoint. Prohibited items will be confiscated, and if possible, handed over to your family if they are present at the airport. Otherwise, these items will be disposed of through a court order.

Boarding Gate: Finally, you will arrive at the boarding gate, typically 20 minutes before your flight’s departure. The airline will conduct a last check to ensure that nothing has changed throughout the process, and once cleared, you will be ready to board the aircraft for your journey.

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