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A New Birth of a Giraffe in Lake Mburo National Park

new birth of a giraffe in Lake Mburo

It is another birth in the wilderness. Today we celebrate another baby giraffe seen in Lake Mburo national park in the western part of Uganda. Positive results of the conservation efforts of wildlife in Uganda.

Giraffes are major wildlife of Uganda’s ecosystems and sought after by many tourists both the locals and internationals. Uganda hosts one of the rare Rothschild giraffe also known as the Nubian giraffe. Uganda has one of the largest population of the giraffes in the world with about 2000 individuals in the wild. These towering animals are endangered species and that is why the Uganda wildlife authority works tireless to serve them from getting extinct.

Out of the ten national parks in Uganda, there are only three national parks that host the giraffes namely the Murchison falls national park in the north of Uganda, Kidepo national park in the northeast of Uganda and Lake Mburo national park in the west where there has been the birth of a new giraffes adding to their small population. The largest population of giraffes in Uganda is found in Murchison falls national park and translocation of giraffe has been done from Murchison falls national park to Lake Mburo national park in the recent years and the most notable event took place in 2015.

The giraffes are endangered species of animals and their threats include habitat loss, illegal hunting, snares and diseases however Uganda  wildlife authority is putting in a shift of efforts to save and conserve the giraffes. Today, we have received the good news for the addition of a new giraffe in the wilderness.

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