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Emirates cabin crew member falls from plane at Entebbe airport

One of the air hostesses of global air carrier bland fly emirates fell off the plane and sustained severe inquiries while at Entebbe international airport Uganda. She goes by the name of Elena a Bulgarian national.

The incident happened in the after as the cabin crew was try to prepare to board passengers on the plane.

A source tells us that they saw one of the cabin crew members falling out of the plane from the side. When the rescue team reached the plane the emergency door was open and she was lying on the ground helplessly without even responding. Her head was oozing blood and piss on the ground. She was immediately rushed to Kasubi hospital along Entebbe road.

At first news came out that she had died but the civil aviation authority clarified that she was still alive but in critical condition.

It is still unclear what transpired the incident as no one knows what she was doing in the cargo section and also why she opened the emergency door or whether she was trying to commit suicide or someone pushed her.

Police investigations are still going on and we shall keep you posted if there is any development.  We pray she recovers as this will be a major blow to the tourism industry and also Fly Emirates

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