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Is Eid Tomorrow or Saturday? What you need to know

Muslims around the world have been observing the month of ramadhan which is religiously prescribed to them to fast it by the Qur’an. The month of ramadhan is coming to an end and the official/grand ending of the fasting has to be done by the sighting of the cresent moon.

The tentative date of celebrating the Eid-ul-iftir is saturday as the moon is more likely to be sighted on friday.

However, fake news has been circulating around the socail media that the eid day will be marked tomorrow.

The saudi arabia based organisation responsible of sighting the cresent moon has not come out to announce the date for eid celebrations. We shall have to wait till evening when to know the exact date for eid.

If the organisation announces the sight of the cresent moon in the evening then tomorrow, friday 15th june 2018 will be Eid day and if not then automatically it will on saturday. Muslims can only fast for 29 days or 30 days beyond that they have to mark the end of ramadhan. Therefore, on Saturday the 30 days will have ended already.

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