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UWEC Turns Into a Wedding Reception

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

UWEC turns into a wedding reception in Covid19 times

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre has converted into being a wedding reception for those wishing to hold their ceremony at the former zoo. This has come in as an awake to get some funds to maintain the wildlife education centre since it’s sources of revenue were crippled by covid19.

Covid19 is a contagious respiratory viral disease which started out in china at the end of last year but now it has panned out to be a global pandemic hence claiming people’s lives and crippling economies worldwide. Most of the countries in the world went into a lockdown as measure to prevent their nationals from getting greatly infested with the virus. This led to businesses losing revenues.

In context to Uganda wildlife education centre during the last three months up-to-date, there were no entries of people into the former Entebbe zoo hence no revenue coming in yet keeping of the animals into the place requires lots of finances. The management of Uganda Wildlife Education centre has devised means of getting revenues to maintain the zoo in these trying by making the wildlife recreation centre turn into a reception for wedding ceremonies.

Uganda allowed people to host wedding ceremonies in the covid19 times in what they termed as the “scientific weddings” to avoid the huge gathering of people. In the scientific wedding, a maximum of six people is allowed to gather up for the ceremony. Therefore, UWEC has pounced on this opportunity of staging reception of scientific wedding ceremonies since they fall into the standard operating procedure of preventing wide spread of covid19.

This is what Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) posted on twitter to let people know that it is open for scientific wedding ceremonies, “During this COVID-19 pandemic where “scientific” weddings are the new normal, we could be your ideal venue and you could be our bride”

Therefore, people who wish to wed in these trying times of covid19, UWEC is up for grab. It does not only provide an amazing and beautiful environment for the wedding but also it is one way of helping the wildlife centre from getting collapsed.


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