Lake Victoria View Guesthouse

Nestled in the northern urban areas of Entebbe Municipality Uganda, Lake Victoria view guesthouse is one place to stay for a night before or after a long haul flight when you touch down  Entebbe airport and also a home your entire holiday in Uganda.

Lake Victoria view guesthouse was established for travelers who would wish to feel at home away from home. It is a budget accommodation but with lots of class in its perch. It has African designed rooms very serene and homely. It offers an onsite parking for its guests, laundry services, Wi-Fi is intact, 24hrs security and car hire services are provided at your request for an unbeatable fee.

lake victoria view Guesthouse RoomFor food and beverage services, they have got the traveler’s back. They have a well fined restaurant with most of the basic cuisines and drinks found in world class eateries.  The restaurants offers a continental breakfast with coffee and tea on the table as well as fresh fruits and juice to stay off your day in a sparkling way. For lunch, they have got two course meals and buffet for the guests, sandwiches, salads, fresh soups to blend in the European style. Dinner is also available with BBQ on request for groups.  

The view the guest house offers brings the traveler’s expectation of Uganda being the pearl of Africa into true reality. Lake Victoria view guesthouse is nigh the breath taking Lake Victoria. While in its yards, a guest gets a panoramic view of the amazing fresh water lake and the greenery around it.

The gardens of the Lake Victoria view guesthouse are also a unique natural gem on their own. The fresh air breathed in from the gardens is soothing since it is encompassed with different tree species. The beautiful sounds from the different bird species that call the garden a home is enthralling.  This is truly a hideout for people who crave for a quiet and peaceful place to unwind and meditate.

guesthouseLake Victoria view guesthouse is strategically located for travelers who wish to engage in different recreational activities in Entebbe. It is an easy start up point to visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) formerly known as Entebbe zoo and a chain of white sand beaches located in Entebbe to go swimming, sunbathing, carousing and boat riding.