Religious place is a place where a congregation of people of a certain faith gather for prayers. It is a house of God, house of prayer, house of worship. Places of worship can be a mosque, shrine, synagogue, temple, cathedral and a church. In uganda, we have so many religious beliefs and all these have got popular religious sites. These sites have evoke so much rich history about the religions they are under or attached.  These places have got very wonderful architectural designs and also rich history that have attracted many people visiting them thus turning into formidable tourist places in Uganda. A tourist can never have a city tour around Kampala minus encountering the major religious sites in Uganda that is to say Gadaffi mosque, Bahai temple, Namirembe cathedral, Namugongo shrine. These places have people who normally conduct the prayers such as priests, sheikh, and traditional people. In places of worship is where we go to pray to God for our needs and also to thank him for all he has done for us. Some of the places of worship in Uganda include the following;

  1. Rubaga Cathedral

At Rubaga road, Kampala

Tel; 0414258112

  1. Mbuya Catholic Church Parish

Mbuya, Kampala

Tel; 0414222771

  1. Christ The King

Colville Street, Kampala

Tel; 0414241505

  1. Namirembe Cathedral

Cathedral hill road Kampala.


  1. Basilica of The Uganda Martyrs

Nalyaa- Namugongo road


  1. All Saints Cathedral

Nakasero hill Kampala

Tel; 0414342128



  1. Kibuli Mosque

Kibuli road, Kampala.

  1. Nakasero Mosque

Nakasero, Kampala

  1. Gadaffi National Mosque

The Uganda national mosque is located on Kampala hill in the old Kampala area. It was completed in 2006 and it sits up to over 15000 worshippers. The mosque was commissioned by colonel Muammar Gadaffi of Libya as a gift to Uganda and for the benefit of Ugandan Muslims.

  1. Bahai temple

The only temple in Africa belonging to the Baha’ullah faith. This is one of wonder of an architectural item. it is one of a kind. The narration from the guide about the Baha’ullah religion and also the construction of the structure is very interesting and captivating.

The Bahai temple is located at Kikaya hill, Kampala off Gayaza road.

  1. Full Gospel Church

49-55 Makerere hill road, Kampala

Tel; 041454440437


  1. Kampala International Church

Mobile; 256 782 727597


  1. Kansanga Miracle Centre

Off Ggaba road, kansanga, kampala


  1. Miracle Centre Cathedral

Kabaka’s lake, Kampala

Mobile; 0772662926/ 0772451708


  1. Prayer Palace

Makindye, Kampala

Tel; 0414266362



  1. Watoto Church

87 Kampala road, Kampala

Tel; 0414313500