Tour Operators in Uganda

Choosing for an exciting, insightful and adventurous African Safari, Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” should be the number one destination on the bucket list of top most exciting destinations to visit on the African continent and it’s not by chance but rather this destination is recorded with a wide range of different exciting attractions which entice different tourists from different countries of the World per year.

Highlighting more about Uganda, its geographically located in the Eastern part of the African continent sharing borders with magical Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South West, Tanzania in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

This amazing destination is recorded with a wide range of different Wildlife species in tis Biodiversity which contributes highly to Africa’s high boosting Wildlife, more tourists drop in from different countries of the World per year very interested in exploring its unique species of Wildlife including the mostly wanted shy endangered ground herbivores Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

On top of Uganda receiving huge percentage of tourists because of wide range of attractions, other major key attracting factors include easy of accessibility, welcoming locals, available good service providers, favorable climatic conditions, flexibility and stable security.

It’s not that every tourist who drop into Uganda for a Safari will enjoy it, but only for those who book or arrange their tailor made Safaris with a local tour operator are 99% sure of enjoying the amazing Safari vacation in Uganda’s top major tourist sites and other exciting places which are located in Uganda’s different regions.

Uganda is currently a high boosting tourism destination which receives huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World currently recorded with good, professional and quality local tour operators who assist in providing different services towards a customized Safari arranged on request.

Most of tour companies in Uganda are owned by the locals although there are some owned by foreigners but all in the same market and offering the same services. Ugandan tour operators are under an organization which combine them and it’s called Association of Uganda Tour Operators.

Booking your Uganda Safari vacation is a stress free option because all Safari logistics will be handled by the local tour operator including hotel bookings, provision of suitable transportation services, drafting of the itinerary to fit the needs of the client, providing of a good fluently English speaking guide plus booking of other necessary permits like Gorilla permits, Park entrance, Golden monkey tracking permits, Chimpanzee tracking permits and more.

Using a local tour operator is the best option but again it’s very difficult to choose who is more convenient but that worry about that it’s just simple, the best option is inquiring from friends if there is anyone who used it, post in travel forums or since it’s your first time its better you go with the one who seems to be more convenient to you referring to the quality of first services offered.

Issues of fraud tour operators are not very common in Uganda but it’s also good to be advised that always be very keen when paying your money for the Safari through checking the exact bank account of the company, does it exist or not, double check to prove the validity and more.

Otherwise Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” is one of the top destinations in Africa characterized with genuine and trustworthy tour operators who aim at providing good services required by clients and assist where necessary like providing some required destination information and more.


Here are some of the local tour operators in Uganda

Boundless Expedition Ltd

Tour Rwanda Gorillas

Go Gorilla Trekking Ltd

Safari Gorillas Ltd

Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Ltd

African Jungle Adventure Ltd

Amani Safari Ltd

Gorilla Hub Tours Ltd