Boda Boda Taxi in Uganda

Boda bodas are bicycles and motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa. While motorcycle taxis like boda bodas exist throughout Africa and beyond, the term "boda boda" is specific to East Africa. In Kenya,...

Queen Elizabeth National Park: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview of Queen Elizabeth National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most popular savanna park in Uganda, is renowned for its diverse wildlife and habitats, making it an ideal destination for a Ugandan Holiday. The...

A Complete Guide to Arriving and Departing from Entebbe International Airport

Guideline for Arrival at Entebbe Airport: When arriving at Entebbe International Airport, it is essential to be prepared for the unique arrival procedures, as the airport is currently undergoing significant redevelopment. These changes may occur...
Land Cruiser Prado with Popup roof

What Makes a Good Car Rental in Uganda

When considering a trip to the picturesque landscapes of Uganda, be it for business, wildlife safaris, or cultural exploration, renting a car becomes an essential part of the journey. With the sprawling savannahs of Murchison...

Stakeholders Highlight Positive Trends for Uganda’s Tourism Sector

Last week, a significant stakeholders' engagement took place, bringing together various public and private sector players in the tourism industry. The gathering aimed to address pressing issues affecting tourism partners and discuss strategies for...

Overview of Birding in Uganda

Explore the incredible birding paradise of Uganda, a country known as the "Pearl of Africa."and renowned for its incredible biodiversity and rich bird life. The country boasts over 1,000 bird species, including numerous endemic...

Tour Operators in Limbo After Uganda Terror Alert

In recent news, the tourism industry in Uganda has been thrown into uncertainty following a terror alert issued by the United Kingdom. The alert has left tour operators in a state of limbo, unsure...
Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi

World Bank Advises Uganda to Change Tourism Strategy

The World Bank has recently advised Uganda to reconsider its tourism strategy, emphasizing the need for a more sustainable and diversified approach. The international financial institution has urged the East African nation to capitalize...
Electric fence in QENP

UWA Plans to Install Electric Fences Around National Parks

In a groundbreaking move aimed at preserving wildlife and ensuring public safety, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has recently announced its ambitious plan to install electric fences around renowned savannah national parks. For long, Murchison...
wild dog Uganda

Rediscovery of Wild Dogs in Uganda: A Glorious Return

In a remarkable turn of events, the African Painted Dogs, also known as Wild Dogs, which were once considered extinct in Uganda since the 1980s, have made a triumphant return. Recent sightings of these...