Where to Visit

Which Places to Visit in Uganda

Wonderful landscapes, unique and amazing wildlife and hospitable people. Uganda is a nation with various bio diversities sugar coated with beautiful sceneries. It is beyond words to explain how interesting and phenomenon Uganda is in terms of eco tourism. Here are the wonderful highlights of the country with endless natural beauties

 Bwindi Impenetrable national park

An ever green thick tropical forest with steep ranges located in Kigezi region in the southwest of Uganda. This harbors one of the most sought after animals in the world the mountain gorillas. The hugest primates on earth and one of the closest cousins of mankind with a 98% DNA similarity. It is a life time experience to encounter the mountain gorillas in their natural setting and this amazing forest makes it happen. Bwindi is also a terrific ambience for bird watching having 315 different species of birds and most of them endemic to the Albertine rift valley and ten of them are endangered species. Around the forest, there is an interesting community of local people the Batwa and these are one of the indigenous and shortest race of people in Uganda. All the mentioned attractions in this dense forest make it the ideal place to visit.

Complementary to Bwindi impenetrable forest, Kigezi region has lake Bunyonyi a lake with endless islands and this is one of the greatest place to unwind off all the stress as you chill in one of the eco lodges on an island as you feel the serene bliss and looking at some of the wildlife around.

Major activities: gorilla trekking, bird watching, Batwa trail experience, relaxation at one of the islands of Lake Bunyonyi

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in Kasese district west of Uganda, bordered by lakes of Edward and George and crosscut by stream channel of Kazinga queen Elizabeth national park is one the greatest wonders in the world of biome. Beautiful Uganda kobs/ antelopes and other wild mammals grazing in the plains, hippo sprawling in the serene waters of the Kazinga channel different bird species spread all over and elephants and buffaloes quenching off their thirst from the same water body and in the southern hemisphere at the Ishasha sector- tree climbing lions relaxing on top of the acacia and fig trees to shake off their satisfaction after savaging their prey, queen Elizabeth national park is really the medley of wonders of wildlife.

Major activities: game drive, Kazinga channel boat ride, spotting tree climbing lions, chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge.

 Kibale Forest national park

The second largest forest in Uganda and the prime destination of primates lovers, Kibale is a home of 13 different species of primates of which one the Uganda mangabey is endemic to it only. It is located in the western part of the country. The standout primates in this forest are the chimpanzees and this is the best place to hang out with the closest relatives of man, observe them intelligently interact with each other and their ability to use tools like tree branches to help them in their daily activities. Closer to the forest is fort portal municipality that is a hub of beautiful crater lakes, unique caves of Amabere ga nyinamwiri and more so the enchanting green tea plantations. This town is also a good place for biking. Within the same vicinity at the drawback there lies the mountain of the moon Rwenzori Mountain the highest block mountain in Africa and this offers a mountaineering expeditions enticed with wonderful glaciers and wildlife. Its snow capped peak is a beauty to watch and also a wonder to find a place with snow in the equatorial region.

Major activities: Trekking the primates in particular the chimpanzees, biking around Fort Portal town, visiting Amabere ga’nyinamwiru , sightseeing of the crater lakes, hiking rwenzori mountain range.

Murchison Falls National Park

Bisected with the longest river in the world River Nile and on top of that there is a magical feature that is the mighty River Nile forcing its way out through a shallow 6 meter gap to create the world’s most powerful and explosive waterfall with rising rainbows that is Murchison falls. On game drive, variety of  exotic animals are seen the towering giraffes, wild cats hunting prey, antelopes and topis marauding around the park looking for survival and on a boat cruise an encounter with hippos, giant crocodiles and variety of water bird is a life time experience. Enroute to the park using the Bombo-Masindi road there is a Zziwa rhino sanctuary the only place to spot the rhinos in Uganda. Chimpanzee tracking is also done nearby Murchison fall national park at Budongo forest.

Major activities: hike on top of the falls, game drive around the park, boat ride at the Albert Nile, chimpanzee tracking at Budongo forest and rhino trekking at Zziwa rhino sanctuary.

Lake Mburo National Park

For the less adventurous people this is the ideal game park. Lake in the middle of the park (Lake Mburo) rolled up with unique flora offers a good hub for animals that do not exist in other game parks like eland, impala and zebra. Horse riding, mountain biking and walking safaris also bring a new complexion of a Uganda safari as these activities can only be done in this national park. A boat ride on Lake Mburo to see the aquatics is also worthy an experience.

Major activities: get close to nature on foot, bike or horse, take  a boat cruise at lake Mburo.


Kidepo Valley National Park

In the top corner of Uganda in the northeast, there lies a valley with rugged arid landscapes entangled with silence of the open brown plains which offers a true African wilderness as the visitor looks at different animals like herds of buffaloes, ostriches, cheetah and lions. This is the best place to see these exotic animals and take good pictures. However, this is the least visited national park in Uganda due to its remoteness and distance away from the capital of Uganda.

Major activities: game drive in the arid terrains, breakfast in the bush, cultural tour of Ike tribe


A small hub full of life, relaxation and enjoyment located along Lake Victoria, Entebbe is most modernized town next to Kampala and it is a place where the international air getaway is located. It is a very silent and conducive place to unmask off after a tiresome flight.  From Entebbe, there is easy access by boat to Ngamba Island with its chimpanzees. Within the same proximity, Mabamba swamp a spot to see different bird species most notably the localized shoebill in the wild. Entebbe also holds lots of beaches for sunbathing and swimming like Entebbe resort beach, aero beach, lido beach and also there is botanical gardens which was used as the set place for the Tarzan movie in 1957 with that rich history it also has variety of rare birds and flora.

Major activities: Ngamba chimpanzee tracking, Mabamba swamp search for localized shoebill, unwinding on a popular beach


Adventure meets discovery and exploration in this industrialized city of Jinja. Jinja is where the longest river in the world River Nile starts its journey up to North Africa Egypt. On the Nile there are amazing features that enhance different tourism activities from sightseeing at the source of the Nile, bungee jumps at the cliffs of the Nile to whitewater rafting at Itanda falls. There are also different resorts to spend a good time the notable ones are Jinja Nile resort and wild waters resort.

Major activities: white water rafting at Itanda, bungee jumping, fishing, boat ride at the source of the Nile and relaxation at the resort.

Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is the oldest volcanic mountain in Africa located in the eastern borders of Uganda and Kenya. This mountain offers competitive hiking expedition among tourist to the caldera and down through bamboo forest. On the top of the peak, water flows down the ranges to make incredible waterfalls of Sipi.  Sipi falls is a soothing place for meditation and winding off stress.

Major activities: mountaineering, sightseeing of Sipi falls, coffee growing sessions.