Uganda’s tourism involves both eco-tourism and mass tourism. Eco-tourism involves travelling to natural areas that reserve wildlife and have no harm on human nature. Eco tourism helps us to conserve the environment and not have a negative impact on it. Humans should be conscious of wildlife because almost everything we do has an impact on them such as feeding the animals can lead them to get used to humans and they cannot hunt for themselves, walking in the park can destroy the animal paths and so many more. Some of the activities carried out during eco- tourism include gorilla tracking and habituation this is done in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Chimpanzee tracking and habituation this is done in Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park and Kibale national park. Game drive is also done at Queen Elizabeth national park and in Lake Mburo national park as well as Kidepo valley national park.

Mass tourism refers to tourists going to certain place in large number in order to relax and unwind. Some of the activities done while relaxing include clubbing here In Uganda we have a number of clubs that tourists enjoy going to in order to relax such as bubbles and Kampala casino. There’s also sun bathing at resorts and beaches such Entebbe resort beach.

Uganda’s tourism activities are more of wild life than relaxing. It’s such an enticing experience to see the gorillas and chimpanzees. They are the closest creatures to human kind. During habituation we see how they nest, feed, copulation, hunting and so many more activities. We also have Mountain  climbing in Uganda this is usually done on mountain Elgon where we see a number of attractions and experience the mild climate and there’s no special equipment needed to climb the forest and at the top it has the world’s largest mountain caldera.  The other one is mountain rwenzori which is the tallest mountain range to exceed an altitude by Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mountain Kenya. The mountains slopes are a preserve for hikers and you can as well enjoy the peak climbing such as Margherita on Mountain Stanley, Vittorio Emmanuelle on Mountain Speke and Edward on Mountain Baker.

Other activities include the nature walks in the parks for relaxing and bird watching, white water rafting at the source of the Nile, boat cruise at the Kazinga channel of Queen Elizabeth and at the Victoria Nile, sport fishing on lake Victoria, rhino tracking at the ziwa rhino sanctuary this is where a number of rhinos are reserved or collected in Uganda since rhinos in the parks used to be killed.


There’s a breath taking reaction to the first sight of a mountain gorilla because they are enormous animals three times as heavy as the average man. An adult gorilla may grow up to 1.8meteres high and weigh 210kilograms.  However as scary as their appearance may be gorillas are rather very peaceful animals. The most fathomable thing is the gorilla’s reaction towards human being, its reaction is so different from that of the other wild animals. Uganda is home to 15 gorilla habituated groups some in Mgahinga national park and others in Bwindi impenetrable national park. There are over 408 mountain gorillas and are residents of Bwindi impenetrable national and Mgahinga gorilla national park. For many visitors the highlight of a visit to Uganda is to get a chance to track the mountain gorillas.  Gorilla tracking should not be difficult to any adult fit whatever the age and by adult fit in mean 16years and above but the hike can be tough. The main determining factors to finding the gorilla depends on how close the gorillas are to the trail heads and how recently it has rained. Gorilla are used to people so whatever colour of clothes you wear have no effect. During the rainy season you might need a jacket or coat and gloves whereas a hat, sunscreen and glasses are a good idea at any time of the year.

Tourists are not permitted to spend more than one hour with the gorillas and this one hour may not come cheaply it costs 600 dollars per person in Uganda and this fee includes park entrance, guides and trackers. Since mountain gorilla inhabit in remote areas some may be away from tarmac highways and major bus routes so you’ll need to endure transport costs by use of foot, boda bodas and pickup trucks. When going for gorilla tracking tourists need to wake up early and head out to the park early in order to find the animals in the morning hours before they hide away from the afternoon sun. Tourists are not allowed to eat or smoke while in the park. It is forbidden to be 7m close to the gorillas a rule that cannot be maintained by the curious children and some adults who enjoy approaching human visitors. At Mgahinga we find the endangered golden monkeys which are also a major attraction.

During gorilla habituation, tourists are able to see a number the way of life of the gorilla. They are supposed to spend a maximum of four hours with the gorilla and as we head to the park early in the morning at around 8 o’clock we shall be able to see the gorillas de nesting, copulation, hunting feeding and breast feeding among others. The guide will tracker will help you find the gorillas easier depending on where they were left the day before. Usually gorilla will move and u will not find them in the location where they left they may move a few kilometers ahead or behind considering. What a wonderful experience with the gorillas and their way of life.


Mountain climbing is such a fun and exciting activity to be carried especially by those with an interest in hiking. Most the mountain climbing in Uganda is done at Mountain elgon an extinct volcano at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya and it’s the eighth highest mountain in world. There resorts and campsites besides the attractive waterfalls. Elgon’s tallest peak is Wagagai and it is dotted with small crater lakes and hot springs. Hikers on mountain Elgon are most likely to encounter many large mammals aside from the blue monkey and black and white colobus such as elephants, leopards, bush pig, and buffalos. Mountain elgon lies below the snowline so it can be extremely cold at night one is advised to carry a jacket or a coat at night. There is no serious risk with the altitude on mountain elgon several hiking routes are available. Mountain rwenzori also known as mountains of the moon. Rwenzori is the highest mountain range in Africa with its three snowcapped peaks Margherita, Alexandria and vitorrio Emmanuelle. The Rwenzori mountains are not of volcanic origin. The rwenzori mountains are gazetted as a national park and RAMSAR site.  Mountain elgon has the largest volcanic base covering 4000 square kilometers and it is a massively solitary volcanic mountain on the boarder of eastern Uganda and western Kenya. Mountain Elgon rises 3000meters above the surrounding planes. However while climbing Mountain Elgon tourist are able to see a number of attractions such as caves, and mini falls the sounding birds in the tress. There’s a mild climate on mountain Elgon and a great lower elevation most importantly is that there’s no special equipment required for the climb.


Nature walks are done in most of the parks this helps to bring the tourists close to nature and wild life in that they are able to see various creatures and up close. The tourists are able to see different bird species and also during the night nature walks in Kibale national park they are able to see various unique bird species. Tourists can be informed about a number of wild foods in the forest and different herbal leaves that are used by the locals of the community.


Kampala is one of the most live cities in the night one may ever encounter. It has been titled the Les Vegas of Africa due to the fact that you can hardly find a dull happening spot at night. Revelers go out to clubs and bars and they drink and dance and also get to meet new people. Some of the bars and clubs that tourists like in Uganda are bubbles next to accacia  avenue and Kampala casino at garden city. During the night life especially foreigners are able to see how Ugandans relax and have fun. Most revelers are amused by the way Ugandan girls dance or shake their butts.


Game drives are such a fun activity and exciting activity for the tourists. Tourists use a 4×4 car and they travel with a ranger and a guide. In Eastern Uganda we have Kidepo valley national park, Uganda’s finest wild life reserve. Game drives at Kidepo valley can be done in the Narus valley as the parks wildlife mostly collects in that area. In queen Elizabeth there’s a series of game viewing roads through riverine scrub that lie to west of the main road. For a classic game viewing safari you should go to Queen Elizabeth national park in the Mweya peninsula. The tracks through kasenyi, the north Kazinga plains and the Ishasha sector which over a sight at the buffalos, antelopes, elephants, warthogs and baboons. What an amazing experience with the true African wilderness!


After a series of touring different parks and regions, the tourists deserve some time to relax and have a great time and some fun too. They may be taken to the source of the Nile where there are a number of attractions and activities that can be done such as white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, and quad biking these attract a lot of people and you now see why you travelled to Uganda. Tourists can also be taken to beaches for swimming and sun bathing.


Chimpanzees are now familiar with the idea that they are usually approached by visitors a few meters close to them. In Kibale national park the chimpanzee mark their territory at the kanyanchu however while the forest one can be able to see other types of primates. A dedicated chimp enthusiast or researcher can decide to join the chimpanzee habituation experience and stay with the chimps for a day trying to learn their behavior and their way of life.

There are also a number of chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth national park in the gorge in the Kyambura river and also the Maramagambo forest and abutting forest reserves also collectively protect the chimpanzee population. Guided chimp tracks start at 8 o’clock and at 13 o’clock daily and 8 permits issued every morning for two groups of four people and the success of seeing the chimps is currently  at 85% the highest in Uganda after Kibale national park. However chimp trekking in Budongo and kalinzu forests is cheaper than in most national parks.


Boat crises are normally done at the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park and this is good for relaxing and water bird watching such as the water thick knee, yellow- billed stork and various plovers. And it’s a great trip with the elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, Ugandan Kob and large hippo pod and many more. This can be done at the Victoria Nile. Murchison falls has a great view of the boat cruising experience which is good for bird watching. Lake bujagali offers cruises and Nalubale’s version is even more thrilling.


Uganda is one of the most attractive countries for bird watchers, this is because of the unusually high numbers of species and also because it offers an easy access to several bird rich habitats. It has over 1008 species of birds recorded. Lake Bujagali offers a range of tailor-made bird watching trips. At ziwa rhino sanctuary the ranch has parts that are damp to enable canoe trips in search of shoe bills.


Rafting in Uganda is offered by three companies Adrift, Nile river explorers and Nalubale rafting. Rafting activities can be booked directly to the company or through tour operators. All companies offer the same one day itinerary starting from the west bank of the river and finishing near Hairy Lemon island about 20 kilometers down the river. The route has eight grade 3-5 rapids. While rafting you will get to see a number of birds and you can swim in the calm stretches of water between the rapids. The charge includes rafting equipment, lunch, refreshments and return transport from Kampala to Jinja. The additional activities on top of rafting include jet boating, paddle boarding, tandem kayaking and bungee jumping. The Nile is such a breath taking river to enjoy your time while in Uganda.


Quad biking trips out of bujagali between some stunning Nile viewpoints using local footpaths and tracks.


Lake Victoria offers great activities with sport fishing. This is enjoyed by a number of tourists because it keeps them busy and it’s enjoyable as well. While sport fishing, a tourist is likely to catch a big Nile perch for him/herself. A Nile perch is one of the most delicious fish species one can ever dine on in Africa.


At Ziwa rhino sanctuary along Kampala-Masindi road is where rhinos in Uganda are protected. The rhinos can be tracked on foot in the company of a ranger. The rhinos are habitually found in the wetland areas so tourists should be appropriately dresses for the conditions.


There are various cultural activities and cultural sites in Uganda for example the Kasubi tombs where the Uganda martyrs were buried, the Namugongo shrine, the Uganda national museum , the Nakayima tree, the Bigo Byamugenyi, palaces of the great kings or different kingdoms such as the Buganda kingdom, Tooro kingdom, the Ankole kingdom among others. Around the national parks of Uganda, there are different communities that still practice the African tradition rituals and norms for instance the Batwa people at Bwindi and Mgahinga, these have interesting norms and rituals to engross in when a tourist takes a village walk


Zip lining is mostly done at Mabira forest canopy in Mukono district. You have experience this if you want to make your trip memorable. You get to behave like monkeys and take a trip through the tallest trees in the rainforest. There is strict international safety standards with imported climbing gears and high ropes from America. While high up you can be able to view forest layers and a number of mammals.