Car Rental Services in Uganda

safar land cruiserUganda is one of the top tourism destinations on the African continent which receives a huge percentage of tourists and other travelers from different countries of the World.

These travelers come to Uganda to engage in different activities which include tourist activities, conferences, business issues, honeymoon, studies, and parties like weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, festivals, and concerts for musicians, football matches, and other events.

Every traveler needs a transportation means to traverse him/her to the various destinations he/she wishes to go to and the ideal transport means are car rental services that are convenient, fast, comfortable, and safe which are every traveler’s dream transportation attributes.

Transportation services are considered a key factor by travelers during their holiday vacations and other trips of different kinds.

Therefore reaching Uganda for your exciting and adventurous trip, one of the best, cheapest, and convenient ways of traveling around Uganda is by hiring a suitable well-conditioned Car and driving around either as a tourist, student on research, business traveler, or more.

It should also be noted that car rental services are not only used by tourists but also by residents of Uganda for purposes of weddings, family vacations, educational tours, and weekend getaways.

However, the car rental services for the locals are regarded as for the elite people. Many common men are scared to use car hire services in Uganda due to the high commanding price.

In the Past years, the Car Rental business in Uganda was not popular due to the fact that most people were not informed of it and tourists did not use it but after exposure, tourists and other different travelers discovered Car renting as a cost-effective means of traveling around Uganda for your limited budget.

These travelers mostly engage in self-drive car hire services where by a person hires a rental car from a company and he/she travels his/her own without the stewardship of a driver guide. The aforementioned services are commonly called self-drive safaris in Uganda.

These expeditions have become as popular as a thousand of travelers from different countries and within Uganda hire rental cars to drive themselves to the different tourism destinations around Uganda.

Currently, the Car rental business is performing well in Uganda and profit generating, If you wish to hire a car in Uganda just be sure that you will be able to get the best suitable jeep of your choice because there are several operating Car agencies specializing in providing different 4×4 Wheel drive Cars to clients at affordable prices.

The Car Rental Business in Uganda is operated on a small scale with different Car rental companies owning about 15-25 fleets of cars.

Some of the fleets provided by different Car rental Companies in Uganda for hire include Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser Prado, TX, TZ, V8, Nissan, Super customs, Safari Vans, Safari Cruiser Extended, Coaster bus, executive cars like Range rover, Mercedes Benz, and more, Wedding Cars like Mercedes Benz, Limozeen and more.

Apart from Executive Cars and Wedding Cars, other fleets mentioned above can be used and are always hired by tourists for Self-drive and Driver guided safaris, for your own notice also the Safari Cruiser Extended and Coaster bus cannot be given out for Self-drive therefore if you are in need of it, you must hire it for use with a driver. Usually, fleets provided to tourists who wish to do game drives in different Uganda Parks are customized with pop-up roofs.

It’s not that Cars are only hired for use on Safaris but also you can hire a Car for town service mostly for business travelers, city tours, those who wish to visit their friends, hire for use on different parties, hire for use on visiting charity homes, special events and more. All Car rental companies in Uganda operate online and you can only see their offered brands of fleets via their online Websites.

What to Know About Car Rental in Uganda

Highlighted below are the Rental tips to know for all those who are willing to hire a suitable 4×4 wheel drive Car with the Car Rental agency of your choice for use when traveling around the exciting Uganda in the Eastern Part of the African Continent.

How to book a Car.

As mentioned above Car rental companies in Uganda operate online, for any booking you will be required to search for any Car rental company online like Self Drive in Uganda, and send them an inquiry about the fleet you would like to hire for use while in Uganda via their Contact us page and be sure to get a quick reply from their reservationist elaborating all the information required plus the quotation of the rental.

Usually before booking its better you first make a clear survey about the Car Rental Company you are contacting or willing to book with, some of the platforms to seek recommendations include online platforms, friends who have already used, uganda travel guides, and more.

After all the survey carried out and you are contented with all information collected, its better you booked in time such that your car is reserved is reserved mostly during high season because during this period, there is high demand for the fleets.

What’s required for a Car rental?

Usually for a client to hire a Car in Uganda, there are some documents required from you in order to approve that you qualify for the Rental and these documents include a Valid driver’s license, a valid passport going by the terms and conditions governing the rental.

Usually, a passport in Uganda is considered Valid when it’s still six months or more to its expiration date reading all details matching the holder.

After booking what next.

After booking your suitable fleet for use while in Uganda, just wait for your travel date. It’s advised that to be one hundred percent of the booking, you make some deposit on the Rental such that the operator is 100% sure of your booking mostly during high season.

Where to find the Car.

This is negotiable between the client and the Car rental company depending on your location whereby all Car rental agencies are ready to deliver the Car to the client where ever he or she is free of charge but where necessary some charges incur.

Usually, if you are to receive the Car at the lodge, its better you share the location of that hotel with the Car provider in time and also inform them of the time when you need the Car. Or if you are to receive the Car on arrival the driver or company representative will wait for you at the airport and it’s better you share with them the actual time of arrival if there is any change to the time of arrival, please inform them in time.

Who pays for the Fuel of delivering?

For places near Entebbe airport including Entebbe town, Kampala, and its suburbs there are no costs charged for fuel of delivering but usually, it’s made in a way that the Car is handed over to you with some portion of fuel which you are supposed to refill on delivering the Car back to the Company in case the fuel tank is empty.

Then for places out of Kampala like Jinja, Mukono, Mbarara town, Fort portal town, Masaka, Gulu, Soroti, Kasese, Kabale, and more, you are charged for fuel of delivering the Car in case you are located in one of these mentioned places and more.

Mode of payment for the Rental.

Usually after paying the deposit via Bank wire transfer or Pesa pal, the rest of the money for the Rental is paid on arrival.

Car Rental Terms and Conditions

Uganda Car rental business has written terms and conditions which govern it, all clients who are hiring the Car for use must follow these terms and conditions. A hard copy of terms and conditions is always provided on the day of delivering the Car the client reads through all these terms and conditions after which you will required to sign on it indicating that you go by them.

Penalties and fines associated with the Rental.

Usually, you have to be very careful when driving in Uganda and ensure all driving rules and regulations including following traffic lights, driving with your driver’s license in your pocket, avoiding speeding, overloading, driving while on the phone, and more, failure to go by the rules you will be required to pay for fines or even end up in police custody.

Other fines associated with the rental usually come in when you fail to go by the provided terms and conditions governing the rental.

Requirements for one to drive in Uganda

The minimum age for one to drive in Uganda is twenty-five years, other requirements for driving in Uganda include a valid driving license, knowledge of road signs, and good health status.

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