Orangutan Used as a Sex Machine


Orangutans are one of the great apes and it is arguably the closest cousin of mankind in the animal kingdom. Some wicked men in Indonesia have been using one of the few orangutans left in the world as a sex machine.

This orangutan called Pony was chained by her kidnappers to offer sex to some men who in return paid in Borneo, Indonesia.

An orangutan was tied up with chains, trimmed every day to act as a sex tool for men for some good years.

This despicable abuse was carried out on for many years by the kidnappers as they accumulated lots of money out of it.

It is said that Pony was captured or kidnapped at a tender age and she was used a sex tool till 2003 where she was six years in 2003.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation said during an interview with Sun Online: “Unthinkably, Pony was herself treated as a prostitute.

“Men could pay a certain amount of money to the house owner to have sex with her.”

Pony was chained to a bed and forced to have sex with men by a kidnapper who treated her as a ‘cash machine’ (Image: BOSF)

It is thought Pony was just six years old when she was rescued and it is not known exactly how long she had been at the ‘brothel’.

The BOSF’s statement continued: “The house owner strongly refused to give up Pony. To her, Pony was a cash machine and a source of luck.”

It took the intervention of police and military officers to persuade the homeowner to allow the orangutan to leave.

During her ordeal, Pony was made to perform sex acts on men and it has taken more than a decade to rehabilitate her.

It has taken 15 years of rehabilitation for Pony to be able to carry out basic tasks (Image: BOSF)

She was brought to the Nyaru Menteng centre in Borneo, Indonesia, where workers were alarmed at the damage done to her.

Pony showed no desire to explore and was not able to forage for food herself.

However, after a long struggle Pony has tried to pick the wild traits and she has started forage for food by herself.