UWEC to Celebrate World Wildlife Day in Style


In a bid to raise conservation awareness, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) will open its doors free of charge from 9AM to 12PM on 3rd March 2021to celebrate World Wildlife Day. What better way would you have to spend the day than go to UWEC and educate yourself with more knowledge on the different wildlife we have in the country – mark the dates of the 3rd March 2021 and be there at UWEC.

Expectations at UWEC

Once you visit UWEC your knowledge of the different wildlife will never be the same. Are you even aware that there are tigers that have been recently introduced at UWEC? This is your chance to go and add on your knowledge of wildlife that is on display at UWEC. In case you are interested in tree species as well, then look no further and enjoy this freebie.

You are sure to expect the best guides you could find around that have an understanding of the different products at the center. They will give you knowledge on the feeding patterns, gestation period, behavioral patterns of the different animals found in this place.

Will these animals not attack me?

UWEC offers sanctuary to orphaned animals and sometimes animals that have been confiscated from people who are engaged in animal trafficking. There are of course exceptions like the Lions, Rhinos and Tigers that we introduced to the center.

All these animals are kept in exhibits that depict their natural settings. You will find the zebras in an exhibit that looks like what you would find at Lake Mburo NP in case you have been there. A shoebill has a wetland like setting, the giraffes with a savannah setup, the chimpanzees have a forest like exhibit, the otter in its pool, then the crocodiles also with water around.

The keepers at UWEC have been working with these animals for quite a while and they know their behavioral patterns hence, there is no particular point where you are allowed close or near a dangerous animal. The perceived dangerous animals are in highly protective enclosures.

What animals will I see at UWEC?

There is no place in Uganda where you are able to find all the wildlife found in Uganda’s 10 national parks in one place other than UWEC. The center also offers extras that are not found in any park in the country that is the Rhinos and Giraffes.

From the entrance, you are greeted with a multitude of vervet monkeys that are seen rooming around – please be sure not to give them anything to eat. In case you have bananas, you are better off leaving them in the car. You are expected to see; zebras, jackals, buffalo, lion, shoebill, leopard, tiger, elephant, chimpanzees, giraffe, snakes, rhino, and lots of other surprises at the center. This is the only place where you can view the big five closer.

Is it safe to go to UWEC with children?

This place is very safe to visit with children. All the animals are in their exhibits and children can be held on the hand or lifted up to have a better view of the different wildlife. The place also has some donkeys that the children are able to ride to improve on their satisfaction.

There is a place area for children with bouncing castles as well as motorized vehicles for fun, what more for a child to spend the day than here.

Is there anywhere to eat food at UWEC?

There is a restaurant overlooking the lake inside UWEC which caters for all your food needs. It is also a better place to rest after walking around to have a cold drink or better still a snack before heading off to your home.

Is there a place to park my car at UWEC?

The center has an ample parking space that is able to cater for any number of vehicles. Right opposite UWEC, there is the waterfront peer which can as well offer supplementary parking space in case there is an overflow of vehicles at UWEC although this has never happened before.

How long would I need to see all the animals?

This is a very subjective question that is purely dependent on a particular individual. Human beings have different tastes and preferences, some people are interested in animals, others birds, plants, reptiles and then primates. UWEC has each of what is mentioned above and all can be seen at a go but the time taken at a particular exhibit is only determined by the visitor’s satisfaction. The guides are always calm and willing to wait for you to attain full satisfaction before they can take you to a different exhibit. However, I would say it is wise to plan for your time better in case you consider a minimum of 2 hours at UWEC then a maximum can always depend on you. For instance, you can take as much as 2 to 3 hours only sitting closer to the lake shore enjoying the breeze from the lake and the waves so, you are your own time keeper when it comes to UWEC.

Is there anything else I can visit besides UWEC?

UWEC is found in Entebbe and Entebbe has a lot on offer. Opposite UWEC there is the waterfront peer where boats dock going to Ngamba Islands Sanctuary where you are able to witness chimpazees feeding. About 300m, there is the botanical gardens where you are able to view different tree species as well as birds. The mabamba swamp can be accessed easily by boat where you can see the shoebill. Entebbe is the only town in Uganda that has the airport, all flights in and out of the country are through Entebbe airport. Then there is the Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest freshwater lake. Along the lake shores, there are many beaches that are always flocked by weekenders from different parts of the country. Normally the beaches charge a lower amount of entrance fees during the week as opposed to the weekend. There are boat trips arranged on Lake Victoria, and in case you are spending a night in Entebbe, a sunset cruise on Lake Vitoria is always a highlight.Entebbe-Sunset-Cruise