What Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Visit Mean to Uganda Tourism?


Last weekend the American power couple of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian flew into Uganda for what was known an expedition for Kanye west to shoot his album video and also to take a holiday in the pearl of Africa. Ugandans got to know about their coming when they were already in the country. As we all know these a powerful people in the world of showbiz and their visit had to make headlines worldwide.

Kanye west is a world hip-hop star who is regarded as one of the best rapper alive. He has won very many prestigious awards from the Grammys, black entertainment television awards, Oscars to the MTV awards and his wife Kim Kardashian the most popular socialite in the world with over 100 million followers on social media platforms. She is also known for her popular reality show keeping up with the Kardashian where she is the main actress with her family members.

These two world superstars graced the pearl of Africa where they visited Murchison fall national park in the north of the country and camped at Chobe safari lodge which is under Marasa Africa an accommodation managing company owned by one of the richest people in Uganda Mardhivani. Chobe is a five star safari lodge and it had to be the place where Kimye had to spend their time while in Uganda.

While at this five star lodge, they made sure that it was closed for the rest of the public since they wanted to have a private to conduct their mission without any interface from other people. Kanye west was seen in the few pictures that leaked shooting a video of his coming album as the wife watched. They also went for a game drive and nature walk around the Murchison falls national park.

After experiencing the lashing green landscapes and the amazing animals in Murchison falls national park, Kim Kardashian revealed, “There is another heaven in Uganda. everything is real as soon as you enter this beautiful country, the air is so fresh, the amazing water bodies and the green forests and bushes are so relaxing to watch every minute”.

After the completion of their expedition at Murchison falls national park, on the 15th of October 2018, they headed straight to meet the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at state house in Entebbe. During their meeting with the president, they discussed on different projects and some of them were promoting Uganda as a tourism destination to the rest of the world and also aiding the Uganda music industry to reach on an international level. Kanye said that he would love to build a theme park in Uganda like the Disney world.  Kanye and Kim also exchanged gifts with the president where the couple gave Mr. Museveni a pair of sneakers of Yeezy, a shoe brand owned by Kanye west and in return Museveni gave them his book titled “sowing the mustard seed”. The president of further went ahead and gave locals names to the star couple Kanye west named “Kanyesigye” and Kim Kardashian “Kemigisha”

These further went and did some philanthropy works where they went to Masulita in Wakiso and donated Yeezy sneakers to school children under an organization of The Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO). They also promised to build a school in the district to educate these less privileged children of Uganda.

Kanye west and Kim Kardashian’s visit to Uganda was perceived differently by very many people but to the tourism industry it was a plus. Due to their visit, many people around the world got to know how beautiful Uganda is since their pictures at the magnificent Murchison falls national park were posted on different international blogs like daily mail, the guardian, the sun and the American express. The pearl of Africa got good remarks from the comments by the readers of the blogs.