What You Need to Know about Mubuku Irrigation Scheme

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is a vast agricultural project located in the western part of Uganda. It was established in the 1960s to promote food security in the country by utilizing the fertile soils of the area. The scheme is situated in Kasese district, and it is one of the most productive irrigation schemes in Uganda. In this article, we will explore the different ways in which you can explore Mubuku Irrigation Scheme.

Visit the Farms

The main attraction of Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is the vast farmland. The scheme covers over 5,000 hectares of land, with a network of canals and irrigation channels running throughout the area. Visitors can take a tour of the farms and see firsthand how crops are grown and harvested. You can visit the maize, rice, and vegetable farms and see the various stages of crop growth.

Learn about Irrigation

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is one of the best examples of irrigation in Uganda. Visitors can learn about the various irrigation techniques used in the scheme, such as furrow irrigation, drip irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation. You can also learn about the different types of pumps and irrigation equipment used in the scheme. The tour guides will explain the various stages of the irrigation process, from water intake to distribution.

Bird Watching

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is home to a variety of bird species. The wetlands and rice paddies attract different types of birds, including African Jacana, Pied Kingfisher, Black-headed Weaver, and many more. Bird watching tours can be arranged, and visitors can enjoy a guided walk through the farmland, observing the different bird species.

Community Interaction

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is located in a community of farmers who depend on the scheme for their livelihood. Visitors can interact with the local community and learn about their way of life. You can visit the nearby villages and experience the local culture, including music, dance, and traditional foods. The local community is also involved in the irrigation scheme, and visitors can learn about their role in the project.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is surrounded by beautiful scenery, including hills, mountains, and wetlands. Visitors can take nature walks and hikes through the surrounding areas, enjoying the beautiful landscape and observing the wildlife. You can climb the nearby hills and mountains and enjoy the panoramic views of the farmland and surrounding areas.

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme is a unique agricultural project that offers visitors a chance to explore the world of irrigation and farming in Uganda. Whether you’re interested in learning about irrigation techniques, bird watching, community interaction, or hiking, there’s something for everyone at Mubuku Irrigation Scheme. Visitors can take a guided tour or explore the area on their own, enjoying the beauty and diversity of this stunning project.