10 Responsible Drinking Strategies on a Uganda Holiday


Uganda is one of those holiday destination where a person can have a full burst of him/herself. This is a country during the nightlife where you can hardly take a footstep without finding a happening place in a corner. People in Uganda love partying and also make their visitors into partying. Party is a very good thing to engage in since it makes one loosen up and forget about his/her worries and it is also an opportunity to find new friends. However partying too much can lead to damaging situations because at time people drink and they lose control over their judgment. That moment of losing judgment may lead to lots of despicable actions like violence, drink driving and also having regrettable sex with a wrong partner.

The aftermath of the aforementioned actions is cursing drinking yet in actual sense you just wanted to loosen up and have a good time. To avoid all that here are the 10 responsible drinking strategies on a Uganda holiday

Stay with the same group of friends the entire drinking time

This is a very key strategy. Always remain with the same people you came with for a drink up in place. Most people tend to drink and tend to find new people in the bar or club under the guise of socializing. But the new people you tend to meet are strangers to you, don’t your behavior when drunk. You should also remain with people that know you and who can tell that you have had enough.

Use a designated driver

Car rental services are readily available in Uganda and it is the best transport option you can take while going for a drink. This saves you a lot especially when you are drunk and you cannot control anything around you. Uganda car rental companies offer rental cars with professional drivers that can lead you back home or to your hotel after a few drinks. Remember it is a universe rule not to drink and drive since it can lead to an accident.

Eat before or during drinking

Alcohol can be subdued by food in the stomach, so it is best for one to have something to eat before or during drinking. The effect of the alcohol will be less elusive to your brain and body.

Determine in advance not to exceed the set number of drinks

Let’s guess this is not your first time to drink, you must be knowing your limit of alcohol. If it is four or five bottles that can boost your mood then it is what you are supposed to stop at. Do not make a mistake and exceed.

Avoid drinking games

There are some games played that tag along with having more and more drinks. In Uganda, the commonest games are snooker or pool table, playing cards and also dare and do games. Those games make people have more and more drinks that they may have not wished to have since they keep around people who are drinking and are more enjoyed while drinking.

Stick with only one type of alcohol

This should be followed like the Ten Commandments in the Bible. Alcohol is one drink that don’t go on well with being perched or mixed. Alcoholic drinks have different levels of alcoholic content and once mixed they don’t do the brain well. More to that, the hangover for mixed drinks is very vigorous.

Keep track of how many drinks are being consumed

As you start drinking, you have to note the number of drinks you have consumed so that you don’t exceed the number of drink you set while starting to drink. It is very hard to keep track of the drink due to the excitement one gets while drink but try as much as possible not to go off track.

Have a friend let you know when you have had enough

When going to have a drink, make sure you have a friends around and be close to that one friend that can tell you have enough. The one tricky part about drinking is that you cannot know you have had enough but a person around you can tell.

Alternate non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages

As you draw towards your climax of drinking but you still want to keep in a bar or club, switch to non-alcoholic beverages. Water is the best choice you can turn to as this will dilute the alcoholic content in your body and eventually somehow get back to normal.

Pace drinks to one or fewer per hour

While in the procession of drinking, ensure you reduce the amount of drinks your take in per particular interval. The more you drink the more you lose control of yourself so it is wise to reduce the pace at which you take in drink as time goes by.

It is a great feeling and experience to have a few drink here and there while on a Uganda holiday but you have to drink responsibly so that you don’t do stuff that you will regret at the end of the day.