Boda Boda Taxi in Uganda


Boda bodas are bicycles and motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa. While motorcycle taxis like boda bodas exist throughout Africa and beyond, the term “boda boda” is specific to East Africa. In Kenya, they are often referred to as piki pikis or simply boda. Their widespread presence in East African cities is due to several factors, including the growing demand for public transit, the availability of motorcycles on credit, an influx of affordable imports from Indian manufacturers such as Bajaj, and high levels of youth unemployment. Boda bodas offer transportation options to riders and job opportunities to drivers but also contribute to an increase in road hazards, collisions, and unnecessary injuries and deaths.

What does the Law say about boda boda operation?

In Uganda, boda bodas are especially effective in urban areas where they provide cheap and reliable transportation between points in the city. It is cheaper to use a motorcycle taxi as opposed to hiring a special hire however, the law states as follows;

A boda boda rider as well as the passenger is supposed to wear a helmet while riding the motorcycle.

The boda boda rider is supposed to wear a reflector jacket while riding the motorcycle.

Only, one passenger is allowed on the motorcycle at any time during the journey however, most riders would put more than one passenger so as to maximise on the profits.

The rider she be in a possession of a rider’s license and the motorcycle should have motor third party insurance.

Do the motorcycle riders adhere to the above regulations?
In most parts of the country, the above regulations have fallen on deaf ears. This has resulted in most riders having to pay fines when they are caught by the police. In the major cities for instance Kampala, there are operations mounted often to apprehend the offenders. This is mostly fruitful during the peak hours of the day that is early morning when most people are going to work and in the evening when coming from work.

What is expected of visitors traveling to Uganda?

For most of the people traveling to Uganda, it is better to stay away from these boda bodas simply because, they are the number one source of accidents. It is always good to experience what is on offer in the country and if you must; make sure you use a boda boda that has a rider wearing a helmet and a reflector jacket. Make certain that they are not riding on pavements and racing off. In the photo above, that is mostly common in rural areas where the enforcement of the law is not effective.

Avoid traveling in the big cities during the peak times so as to prevent the situation of getting stuck in traffic which might trigger the use of a boda boda. Better leave them motorcycles to the locals who are accustomed to using them and know the risks involved.

We need you to come and visit and then go back home in one piece hence forth, try to opt for special hire taxis or Uber.