Arsenal’s David Luiz Tracks Gorillas

David Luiz tracks gorillas

We have seen a chain of superstars coming to Uganda and Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas in their natural settings. The name to add on the list of stars is David Luiz of Arsenal Football one of the top clubs in the English Premier League.

With English Premier League off for the meantime, Arsenal decided to do some marketing and promotion in Africa by flying out of one of its megastar David Luiz to Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the official sponsors of Arsenal as visit Rwanda is emblazoned on the jersey sleeves. A slogan used by Rwanda to promote its tourism to the world.

Earlier in this concluded week, David Luiz was pictured in the state house of Rwanda having a chat with President Paul Kagame. Now, he has gone further to visit the mountain gorillas one of the most sought after animals in the world. These huge primates are unique in nature with about 98% DNA similarity with Mankind. The mountain gorillas in Rwanda are found in Volcanoes National Park in the northeast of the country within the Virunga Ranges which are shared by Rwanda, Uganda and Dr. Congo. Volcanoes National Park is one of the few natural habitats gazzatted for gorilla trekking in Africa. The national park has more than 380 gorilla individuals in its bank and 13 families habituated for trekking.

David Luiz, earlier today posted a video of mountain gorillas thumping their chests on Instagram with a caption good morning everyone!

David Luiz’s visit is good news to mountain gorilla conservation and preservation as more people out there get to know how beautiful and interesting the gorillas are, henceforth soliciting for their preservation.