Kabaka’s Lake Revamping Starts Off


The Buganda tourism board is on the verge of trying to revamp and make Buganda tourist site more attractive and compelling to its tourists. The latest place to project is the Kabaka’s lake as we saw a delegation headed by Mr Kyewalabye Male the Buganda culture and tourism minster visiting and inspecting the manmade historical site.

Buganda Kingdom minister of Culture, Tourism and Royal Palaces has last week on the 6th of Feb 2020 visited the Kabaka’s lake to check on the progress of the ongoing works of developing the lake to attract more tourists. He was together with the management team of Pope Paul memorial hotel that pledged to work together with the Kingdom on this project.
The Minister urged the neighbours of the lake to seek guidance from Buganda Heritage & Tourism Board and Buganda Land Board on how to utilise the lake.

Kabaka’s lake is one of the most historical site left in Buganda kingdom. The manmade lake has so much history attached to it. This was made by strong men of Buganda under the order of kabaka Mwaga to have a shortest route to Lake Victoria but plans fell through since the mission was beyond reality. However, something nice came out of it, a water body was created and this was later used for sail games by the Buganda kingdom and also Kabaka Mwaga made it a spot for meeting his people secretly. To date, the kabaka’s lake is a tourist site and it receives numerous tourists who get exciting stories about it and also it’s a good sight for the eyes.