Kabale municipality to be transformed into a modern tourism city


Located in the southwest of Uganda within the kigezi region, Kabale is one of the most popular towns or places in the ears of tourists in Uganda. It is the home of the mountain gorillas one of the most sought after primates in the world.  However, Kabale municipality has not lived to its expectation as a tourism city due to the improper plan of the city as there are no serious symbols to show that the areas has one of the most tourism niche product in Uganda.

With the increasing concerns from different stakeholders to make Kabale more beautiful and attractive to tourist, the Kabale municipality council has raised their game by starting to plan to turn the municipality into a tourism city.

The Kabale mayor Emmanuel Byamugisha said they are working on a comprehensive project to beautify the city by setting up different attractive symbols and structures. On the statement he made he added that top of the plan is establishing welcoming mountain gorilla monument to show that the district is the main home of mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Kabale-Mbarara road, according to the plan, will be worked upon where by green vegetation will be set around the all saint  church grounds, central market area, Rugarama road to mention but a few.

The street lights will also be put up and also a standard bus terminal will be established in Mwanjari ward.  The mayor also lamented that there will be introduction of a housing plan that will guide the current residents on how to construct their houses.

One of the highlight of the plans is setting up a cultural village to show the Banyakigezi cultural practices and one of the aims of the establishment is to make their children to understand how things were done in the traditional times by the Banyakigezi. With this cultural village in establishment, cultural tourist will find it irresistible not to encounter the site.

So far the ministry of finance of Uganda has contributed 200 million Uganda shillings to aid the plan reported Mayor Byamugisha.

He also said the architectural plan is being worked on by experts as  a surveyor is on board for helping in planning for the Kabale hills, a botanist who is in charging of knowing the proper trees to plant in the municipality and also  other engineers has been recruited for the plan.

We cannot wait to see Kabale municipality become a tourism city after the plan is executed