Kakira; The Sugar Town of Jinja District in Eastern Uganda

Lake Victoria View from Kakira

Kakira is a town in the Eastern region of Uganda in Jinja with a moderate number of people. Most residents term it as sugar town due to the company by the Madhvani Group and the founder of Kakira Sugar Works is by an Indian called Madhvani.  As we grew up in the Sugar town we enjoyed the climate, the beautiful scenery and the hospitality of the residents. The town has various languages spoken due to the existence of the sugar factory with in the area. Such languages include; English, Swahili, Luganda, Lusoga, Lunyakole, Ateso, Lugbar, Acholi, Alur and many more.

The town is approximately 14kilometres east of Jinja on the highway to Iganga. Since the town is located near Lake Victoria and its favorable climate and the soils are suitable for the growth of various crops. The town has various facilities for example; schools, hospitals, businesses and many more. The existence of the sugar factory has reduced on the level of unemployment within the area since the company provides employment.

And this made some of my friends to get casual jobs to sustain and improve on their standards of living. Bridget is a girl who grew up in Sugar town. She is now a 21year old girl working in sugar factory as a casual worker. In this experience she has been able to come up with business ideas on how to improve on her standards of living. Bridget has been a darling friend since childhood. We used to go to the sweet factory and get sweets in an unlawful way. We went to the same primary school and different secondary schools though kept in touch. Bridget decided to resign as a casual worker and decided to open up a boutique which sells various commodities for example; clothes and shoes. She really sells nice and affordable things and her customer care has made the business a success.

I enjoy her company. She has made my life at home the best. She sometimes takes me out in Jinja town to some beautiful places and the place that surprised me was SIKIA CAFÉ along Gabula road famous for colorful ice cream flavors. At SIKIA CAFÉ most of its staff are hard of hearing. Bridget has made me like Jinja so much and am looking forward to visiting many more other places which include the Source of the Nile, 2Friends Bar with nice dishes.

Sugar Cane Plantations

Give yourself a blissful and colorful tour around the sugar factory and the nearby town “Polota”. Adventure within this sugar town is the best experience ever and as always different people are always welcome. Awaiting for the pleasant visits within and Jinja town. I wish to write more about Sugar town and Jinja town but the best experience would be a physical one to reach a satisfactory rate.