Sunday; The Best Day to Explore Kampala

Down Town Kampala om a Sunday

Kampala is one of the densely populated cities in the world especially if you consider the population to surface area ratio. It derives its name from an Antelope known as the “Impala”. Legend has it that the Impalas used to roam freely in the area that is now known as Kampala and when someone would be headed towards there, he would only say that I am going in the land of the Impalas. You might be wondering why I have chosen to talk about Kampala on a Sunday, well Sunday is a perfect day to explore the city properly for someone who has limited time as well as wanting to move freely.

Sunday is that one day where traffic is at its lowest in Kampala, most offices are closed especially in the up market Kampala areas of Nakasero, Kimathi Avenue and Speke road and not forgetting that this is the only day in the city where you can park your car anywhere and move away without paying any parking fees.

The busiest day in Kampala is a Monday where most people are coming back to work from the weekend, and on Friday as most people prepare to leave the city to go and enjoy their weekend. This however is more viable for people in the up market areas. Down town Kampala is a very surprising area that does not sleep as the common saying goes. Even on a Saturday or Sunday, you might find a huge number of people especially the areas around Jesco building, and Mini price. These are the major areas of shopping for almost everything that is for domestic use. Much as most people are leaving the up market Kampala to head to the villages, some Kampala dwellers are waiting for the weekend when they are off work to go and look for items to use for domestic purposes.

While planning for your travel, it is very important to note those variables and knowing what you intend to do is very much a point to consider. Look out for boda bodas even on a Sunday. These do not have specific working days because they are all over the place on any day of the week.

Katwe Traffic on a Sunday

A city tour of Kampala city would include; the local markets of Owino and Nakasero, the Independence monument, the Parliament, Uganda House, Gadafi mosque, Nakasero mosque, Rubaga Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, The Bahai Temple, The Museum, and a peep at the State House in Nakasero. All these are possible to be done on a Sunday compared to any other day of the week where traffic jam from vehicles, people, and motorcycles can be a nightmare. This however does not mean that you cannot go ahead and go on a city tour, you could choose a few places of interest depending on traffic on the day and the time of your travel. Some people have actually loved to experience the way traffic can be in Kampala. For first time drivers in Kampala, I would recommend that you hire a driver on any other day of the week who is used to the city traffic but on a Sunday you are good to go.