Sempaya Hot Springs Guided Walk Becomes Free!


At the start of this week, Uganda wildlife authority a body responsible for managing and monitoring all natural protected areas in Uganda issued a press release that fees of guided nature walks to view Sempaya hot springs will be scrapped.

Sempaya hot springs are found in Semliki national park one of the ten national parks of Uganda. Semliki national park was made a national park in 1993 following an upgrade of Semliki forest reserve which was gazzatted in 1923. It is the only area in east Africa with lowland tropical rainforests which inhabits 441 recorded bird species and 53 species of mammals.

Other than the natural flora and fauna found in Semliki national park, there are also the Sempaya hot springs one of the natural wonders in the world. Many tourists come to Semliki national park to encounter the amazing hot springs of Sempaya. While at hot springs, tourists get involved in many activities like body therapy where they wash and refresh their bodies with the salty warm waters of the springs. Apart from the therapy they also enjoy the springs by mere seeing the hot waters sparkling up from the ground. The experiment of boiling eggs at the hot springs is also done.

Due to the low turn up of tourists at the Semliki national park in the recent years, Uganda wildlife Authority has devised means of encouraging and attracting more visitors to come and encounter this natural gem by removing the fees on the guide nature walks to the popular sempaya hot springs. Nonetheless, other fees like park entrance fees, birding and natural walks around the forest are still in place

. See press release below: