The most peaceful countries in Africa in 2018


Most African countries are regarded to be restless or less stable due to their political, economic and social irregularities. The stability of African countries were highlighted in the latest Fragile States Index released by United States think tank, Fund for Peace.

178 countries in the world were ranked based on the different forces they face that effect their fragility levels. The most stable country in the world is Finland followed by Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland.

The index ranks countries per their vulnerability to collapse based on twelve key political, social and economic indicators using the Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST) analytical approach. The annual report released since 2005 has Mauritius ranked the least fragile country in Africa and 148th in the world.

Mauritius is the most peaceful countries descended by Seychelles, Botswana, Ghana, Cape Verde, Namibia, Sao Tome and Principe, South Africa, Gabon and Tunisia. These are ranked in the country 125th, 120th, 108th, 106th, 103rd, 97th, 96th, 91st and 89th respectively.

The most less stable or vulnerable countires in Africa as regards with the index are South Sudan, followed by Somalia, Central African Republic, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Guinea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.