Uganda Celebrates World Wildlife Day


On Sunday 4th March of 2019, world wildlife day was celebrated internationally and Uganda was one of those national that recognized the day.

Uganda is dubbed as the pear of Africa because of its plethora wildlife that crosscuts around all regions of the country.  Uganda being dominated by Savannah and equatorial vegetation cover, it harbors lots of wildlife species.  Uganda has immerse unique wildlife from the elusive mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, big five animals, different species of monkeys and birds.

The wildlife is very good in the world for both tourism and ecosystem balance but human activities like settlement and wars have led to its depletion in the past year. The wildlife in the world is so hard to find and this is validated by increasing number endangered species.

However, different organization and individuals has come out to conserve and preserve wildlife and it is an international directive for a country to put up a body responsible for managing and protecting the wildlife. For instance, Uganda has Uganda wildlife authority whose mandatory role is to monitor, manage and protect the wildlife in the national parks and wildlife reserves and sanctuary.

Last Sunday on the 3rd of March 2019, Uganda joined the world to celebrate the existence of wildlife and the event was held in Arua district north of region. The theme of the celebrations was to promote harmonious living between wildlife and people.

This has been a major problem in most societies that surround the wildlife protected areas where the dwellers have encroached on land meant for the wildlife and also the wild animals have gone to attack the people in their communities.  Therefore, the world drove to the theme of promoting harmonious living between wildlife and people in order to sensitize the concerned parties to eradicate the vice.