Entebbe Airport Grows in Passenger Numbers


According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the number of travelers and air traffic getting into and out of Uganda through Entebbe Airport has increased by about 10% for the last two years.

Entebbe International Airport is the only gateway to and out of Uganda for international travel. This was established due to the strategic location of Uganda to act as a regional hub. Entebbe could easily allow the British the then colonial masters of Uganda to connect to other places across Africa where they had interest.

For ages, Entebbe has been development in both structural facilities and number of travelers but the escalating numbers of passengers in the last two years has mesmerized the management. The growth in passenger numbers is an immerse feat for the airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority deputy director, Mr. Fred Bamwesigye said, “We have recorded 1,840,264 passengers which indicates an additional 190,264 passengers more than 1.65 million passenger’s registered in 2017,”

He further stated that the growth could be majorly effected by the enhanced marketing and promotion of Uganda’s tourist attractions and the rising number of Ugandans going for employment to the Middle East.

Due to the growing number of passengers at Entebbe international airport has swiftly led to expansion of its premises as a new architectural establishment is under construction.

Different popular international air transport operators like KLM, Brussels Airline, Fly Emirates, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airlines, Fly Dubai and British Airways to mention but do business with Entebbe airport. The aforementioned operators operate at Entebbe airport on a daily basis extending their services to thousands of people.