UWA Stuff Killed in Conservation Struggles


Sergeant Asasira Philemon was killed on Sunday night during a gun happy moment when they were trying to cub dealers of ivory in Rukungiri District.

For many years, The Uganda Wildlife Authority has been on the mission of eliminating the selling of ivory. The selling of ivory has led to the mass killings of elephants in the national park. The number of elephants has decrease drastically which has worried Uganda Wildlife Authority a body in Uganda responsible for monitoring and managing wildlife in the protected areas.

The management of Uganda Wildlife Authority posted on facebook in commiseration “We mourn our own Sergeant Asasira Philemon who was shot last night during an operation to arrest dealers of ivory in Rukungiri District. Asasira has paid the ultimate price of conserving our wildlife resources. Investigations are underway and details will be given once all facts have been established. May his soul rest in peace.”