Uganda Tour Guides Give Out Road Safety Equipment to Police


Some section of tour guides in Uganda gave out road safety equipment of about 4.5 million Uganda shilling to the traffic department of the Uganda police force (UPF).

The donation event took place on Wednesday afternoon at the newly constructed Nateete police station in Lubaga division Kampala.

Tour guides are one of the most road users especially the highways leading to the other districts out of Kampala. These highways lead to the different national parks in Uganda where the tour guide steward the tourists who wish to encounter the different wildlife species.

Unfortunately, these highways are the areas where most accidents occur. Due to that the tour guides have a concern of putting their client’s lives into a danger and have come up with a solution of giving out more road safety equipment which are inadequate on the roads.

At the event of the donation, William Lucha the coordinator of the tour guides in Uganda said, “many accidents on the roads have been caused by lack of enough road safety signs and apprehending that by providing them, they would greatly help to reduce the accidents.”

He further stated, “we as guides, we overcome a number of challenges on the road. A few weeks back, there was an accident around Buwama and Mpigi area where a truck driver run into a police checkpoint and injured a few police officers. The reason could have been the checkpoint not having a clear sign post. We are therefore looking forward to stopping such horrible incidents.”

Lucha also said that at some occasions the drivers fail to stop at the police checkpoint not because they are defiant but they fail to see clearly the fading sign post and end up offending.

With the lack of enough road safety equipment on the roads, there was much need to contribute something to restore sanity on the road.

ACP Sarah Kibwika, the acting commissioner in charge of traffic operations in the police force applauded the tour guides for the kind gesture which she said came at the right time.

“We have always endeavoured to have those road signs but the wear and tear is at a higher rate. We thank you for the support and it should not be the last time you are doing the same,”Kibwika said.

“This is a big contribution to road safety and it will enhance visibility of police check points.