Had a Break Up? 4 Best Places to Go in Uganda


Love is a great feeling, we all would want to have someone we have an inner connection with. Love is something that keeps everyone going in life. Though love is very painful when it gets sour or gets on the rock. People get really hurt when heart broken, it takes them ages to get over the break up. Some people resort to bad habits like drinking, smoking and partying to get over it but we would advise to take a positive direction like exploring new places to shake off the pain and memories. Uganda located in the east of Africa is one place with very many serene places to make you think through stuff and get back to your feet.

Uganda has beaches and islands where a person can unwind and become a brand new person. Therefore, those who have just had a break up, here are the 4 best places to go.

Ssese Islands

These are a collection of eighty four islands in the northwest of lake Victoria- the largest in land fresh water body in Africa. This is a great place for carousing. It has white sand beaches which are good for sunbathing and sports. At night, it even gets better as camp fires are lit and revelers gather for storytelling and grill on the heat that comes from the fire.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most popular retreat sites in Uganda. Tourists normally have a refreshing time from Lake Bunyonyi after a long hectic day of gorilla trekking. Lake Bunyonyi located in kigezi highlands Kabale is one of most popular tourist sites. There are lots of resorts to relax and unwind. Lake Bunyonyi offers lots of exciting activities that can make heartbroken person forget about his/her sorrows. These activities include boat riding, zip lining and bird watching. The serenity ambiance of lake Bunyonyi is second to none, this is a place where a person can throughout stuff and find solutions.

Mabira forest eco site

Mabira forest is the only tropical rain forest found in the central region of Uganda. It found in between Kampala and Jinja in Buikwe.  Are you a person who does not engage in extensive travel? but you would love to visit something nature to refresh your mind, Mabira forest is the best solution to take up. Mabira is a very large biodiversity area with different flora and fauna to encounter when you take up forest trails.  It is an eco-site with 10 forest trail appealing to people of all time schedules and abilities. One can either take a guided trail or an unguided trail but a guide trail is the best option to take as it makes your walk around the forest both exciting and informative since the guide gives you an insight about forests and its wildlife species. One can also do camping in the forest or stay in the cottage. A visit at Mabira forest gives a heartbroken person the best retreat as you tend to appreciate nature and its beauties.

Lake Mutanda

This amazing serene lake sits north of Kisoro and within the vicinity of Bwindi in the south. Many take it as a relaxing base after a tiresome gorilla trekking expedition. But it can also be taken as a prime destination for one who wants unwind and forget about his/her worries like a break up. It is a terrific spot, with a foggy Virunga setting embracing a number of volcanoes and a lake engulfed by swamps. Lake Mutanda is also a good gem for canoeing and no need of fearing the deadly hippos and crocodile since the lake is free from them. At Lake Mutanda, a traveler can engage in a eight hour trek into Bwindi impenetrable national park with Nkuringo Walking Safaris.