Mufti Menk Applauds Uganda


Ismail Ibn Musa Menk also known as Mufti Menk visited Uganda the pearl of Africa last week. His awaited visit to Uganda came through last week as a mammoth of Muslims welcomed him at the airport.

Mufti Menk was born 27 June 1975 is a Muslim cleric and grand mufti of Zimbabwe. He is the head of the fatwa department of the council of Islamic scholars of Zimbabwe. The royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan named among the most influential Muslims in the world in 2013,2014 and 2017. He has won very many Islamic scholarly awards in the world.

Mufti Menk’s visit made headlines around the country and his inspiration words were both heartfelt and ear heard as they were quoted on social medias and also printed in the national newspapers. He held gathering at the national mosque commonly known as the Ghadif Mosque at Old Kampala during the Juma prayers on Friday. Another one was held at the Namboole Stadium last Sunday which was the grand mark for his visit. He talked about lots of inspiration stuff from the political perspective to the social and economic ones.

From the Sunday seminar is where he hailed and applauded Uganda for being such a unique and great country to live and also visit. Mufti Menk said,”Before I came to Uganda, I always knew it was called the pearl of Africa but now I understand why! Not only is the weather so beautiful, but trust me, the food is organic that puts to shame the food that is in other parts of the world”.