Hoima international airport workers strike over wages


Work of constructing Hoima international airport has come to a standstill as workers strike over unpaid wages.

The project is being monitored and worked on by SBC Uganda in partnership with colas, a UK based company.

The workers were also protesting of their unfair and illegal termination of their friends and also the unbearable working conditions that is be subject to them by the SBC management as grieved by the workers.

The strike comes after two weeks when the Shandong Taikai power engineering company limited workers which was endorsed to bring power from Fort Portal to Hoima also put up a strike and blocked the Hoima Kaiso Tonya road.

The workers at Hoima international airport also accused of their bosses of not paying their salaries though the SBC management could not be reached to react on these allegations.

The police was deployed at the premises and the spokesperson of the region said that it was to protect the structures that are under construction from being vandalized by the angry workers.

Hoima international airport will be the second hub for international aircrafts after Entebbe airport and it was constructed due to the ongoing mining and refining of oil in Hoima. It is projected to be completed in 2020.