Uganda Government to buy off Mabira Forest Dwellers


The National Foest Authority (NFA) is progress to buy off 16 village settlements with the Mabira tropical rain forests in Buikwe district. Mbaira is the largest natural forest in uganda but The encroachment by dwellers has made it reduce in bits as there is a worry from the authorities that one day it may be no more in generations to come.

The national forest authority boss, Mr. Levi Ltwodu, said getting around 2700 hectares from the nearby and within resident of Mabira forest will make it much easier to manage the forest. the 16 villages that legal own land in Mabira forest since it was gazetted in 1932 get involved in activities that degrade the forest which may lead to its destruction so they have to be bought out so that the forest does not get any restrains from diverse effects.

He added on that they have already made a budget to make sure that they restore part of Mabira forest which is apparently occupied by the villagers. The population of the villagers grows day by day thus the current occupation space not being enough for them and in the end they will start to encroach the forest.

A research report from the ministry of water and environment indicated that 4755 hectres of Mabira forests was being degraded though 1500 hectares were under restoration.

The initiative transpired after NTV and Daily Monitor Uganda documented a story showing the encroachment of the forest which inhabits variety of bird species, animals and trees and also a catchment for Lake Victoria and River Nile.

Though the forest is very in important, the report indicates that people are cutting trees for charcoal, firewood and agriculture.

At one time part of the forest was to be leased out to a sugar company sugar corporation of uganda limited which sparked off tension from the stakeholders forcing the government to decline the move.

Due to the ongoing climatic changes around the global many natural environment organisation have urged uganda to preserve the prestigious tropical rain forests of Mabira and it is why the campaign has sparked off by buying some land from the residents within Mabira forests.