Interpol Uganda Changes Certificate of Good Conduct

innterpol uganda changes certificate

The appearances and design of the certificate of good conduct has been changed by the Uganda Interpol directorate in the bid to combat forgeries. Persons seeking to work aboard and also work with an NGO applies for the certificate of good conduct.

Many Ugandans had developed a habit of counterfeiting this certificate that was so easy to replicate by some individual who had a dark background according to Vincent Ssekate the Uganda Interpol spokesman.

He also said, “The new modified certificate has some new features which include the bar code that is so hard to forge and if forged it can easily be identified that it is fake.”

The new certificate is signed by the director of the Uganda Interpol as opposed to the previous one that was signed by every police officer. Ssekate also said that the new certificate started being issued in May 2018.

The certificate of good conduct is a requirement for getting employed aboard and also by the NGOs. Ugandans pay a fee of ugx 64,000shs to acquire it and thereby also acting as a source of revenue to the Ugandan government. In 2017 2 billion Uganda shillings was collected from its issuing.