Job Advertisement Starts at Uganda Airlines

jobs Uganda Airlines

Early this year, the Uganda government commissioned the re-introductions of Uganda airlines that has collapsed and stopped operating about 20 years back.  Six Boeing aircraft were brought from Canada. The government in the middle of this year announced that the airline will be commencing business by 2019.

In the process of reviving the Uganda airlines, personnels are needed to deliver the services to travelers and advertising of jobs has started and positions up for grabs include the cabin crew, engineering, ground handling, sales and marketing, finance and safety and security.

Uganda airlines will be operating regionally meaning that it will be flying to different African countries first and then in the later years it will expand to other destinations outside Africa. The airline was put in place to bridge the gap due to the growing number of travelers within the regions yet at times there are no direct flight from Uganda to the different African countries. It was also reintroduced for investment reasons since Uganda is one of the countries in Africa that receive very many tourists so the government saw this as an opportunity to invest as the market is readily available.