The CAA to Reduce on Carbon Emission Uganda


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has come with more well defined guidelines and regulations for the airline operators to align the carbon emission every year. It should be noted that the carbon fumes that are emitted out by the aeroplanes cause lots of air pollution and thus leading to the destroying of the ozone layer.

When the ozone layer is destroyed or damaged, there is drastic change in the climate. Climatologists say that the rapid wearing of  the ozone layer will eventually leading to harsh climates that will lead to human existence on earth very hard and hostile.

While promoting the campaign to curb the emission of the bad carbon fumes to the various aviation stakeholders in Entebbe on Monday the boss of CAA said that as aviators they are required to regulate carbon emission by aircraft and that each aircraft is required to emit less than 10000 tonnes of the carbon in a year. He warned that any airline operator who fails to comply with the regulations will be dealt with accordingly.