Managing Corona Virus (Covid 19) at Home in Uganda

Covidex Bottle

Corona Virus is still a very important aspect of society in the world and Uganda not an exception. There are still measures in place taken by the government of Uganda to reduce on the spread of the virus for instance, the wearing of a face mask while in public, continuously sanitizing, observing a social distance, adhering to the curfew time which was set between 7pm and 5:30am.

The virus moves in the area and much as you have a better chance of escaping to get it, there is a high likelihood that you will acquire it at some point. There is no need for panic once you have it, we bring you an account of a survivor who with the entire household beat the corona virus with home remedies and nothing serious in terms of hospitalization happened.

Signs and symptoms:

Flue is the most common sign, and it occurs in over 90% of Covid 19 patients, cough, some people have headache, stomach pain, general body weakness, and some people have reported general body pains. The most adverse sign is the difficulty in breathing. Do not wait until you have experienced the difficulty in breathing to start on any of the below recommendations. Try as much as possible to get up to speed and try out the below recommendations once you detect the above symptoms while they are still in a mild state.

Local Recommendation:

We do have local herbs all over the country the country that come so much in handy while dealing with Covid 19. These local plants include; Mangoes, Avocado, Bottle brush (local name “Mwambala Bitonya”), Eucalyptus, and Guava. You are meant to collect the leaves all of these plants to be boiled then you are meant to steam yourself by pouring the boiled leaves and water in a basin, then cover yourself with a blanket and inhale the steam. It is also recommended that you might take a couple of spoons of what has been boiled, in case you have honey, add to the concoction as a sweetener.

Pharmaceutical Recommendation:

Once you feel the signs of Covid 19, the pharmacists are on hand and major recommendations include; Amoxyclav, Zinc, Vitamin C, Gofen in case you feel body weakness and pain, Brozedex especially for children. These tablets should be taken with a support of the above local recommendations. Note that the Covidex bottle should also be administered as per directions of a pharmacist. Covidex can be found in pharmacies all over the country.

Nutritional Recommendation:

The impact Covid 19 does to your body is very much dependent on your body’s immunity. The better the immune system of the body, the less the effect you are meant to experience. Foods recommended during these Covid times include; animal proteins, fruits, vegetables. Endeavor to eat a balanced diet once you detect signs of Covid 19. Note that you should try as much as possible to avoid cold drinks. Always take hot water with a concoction of ginger, lemon, sometimes garlic, and in case you can afford, use honey as opposed to sugar.

General Recommendation:

Put your body to drills in form of exercises. Try as much as possible to make good use of your body to boost your physical fitness. You can do some jogging or running, play football or walk for as much as possible. Once you exercise your body, the impact of the virus will be so much minimal. This should continue even if you have been able to beat the virus so as to maintain your body fitness and health.

Note that there is no clear remedy or medication for Covid 19 but a combination of the above remedies would work the magic and you should be able to hit the ground running again. While you are trying out the above recommendations, try as much as possible to continue observing the national guidelines of social distance, wearing face masks, continuously sanitizing or washing your hands, and try as much as possible to isolate yourself from your home.