Mowzey Radio Tombs to Be Turned Into Museum


Earlier last week, the family of the deceased legendary musician Mowzey Radio came out to reveal his tombs were to be transformed into a museum so that the public can openly visit them.

Mowzey Radio died at the beginning of 2017 on 1st February 2020 at Case Clinic Kampala after succumbing to head injuries which he sustained in bar brawl.

Mowzey radio was rested at his mother home in Kaggga Wakiso district. His cemetery spot was closed and restricted to his family and close friends ever since he was buried two years. The tombs have been under construction to make them appealing and attractive to the public in that the fans can really appreciate and reflect that their star was truly laid to peace.

The construction has been completed and on 1st February 2020, the tombs will be opened to the public and also a grand ceremony will be held to remember the fallen star. The tombs will be turned into a museum sort of site. The public will have to pay some small fee to visit them.  The tombs are constructed in a form of a house, where his grave yard is placed, his awards, photos and personal belonging like jewelries, clothes and shoes will be emblazoned on the walls for fans to reminisce and have a nostalgia of the late musical star.

Mowzey radio was part of the popular musical group in Uganda the Good Lyfe Crew. This group comprised of him as the main singer alongside his best friend Weasel. Mowzey Radio was a one of the greatest artists of his generation. He made numerous music hits that rocked airwaves both locally and internationally which made him win a mammoth of awards and also being applauded by both the fans and his fellow musicians. The good Lyfe crew were the first Ugandans to be nominated in bet awards and the first to win the Channel O and Afrimma Awards.