New Baby in Bitukura Gorilla Group

gorillas in the wild

The Bitukura Gorilla Group has welcomed a new baby. This has increased the number of the entire family to 13 individuals which is an increase in the gorilla population.

What do we know about the Bitukura Gorilla Group?

Bitukura Gorilla Group or Family is located in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This sector is best suited for trekking because of its location. It can be accessed easily for trekking whether staying at the lodges in the Ruhija area, Buhoma area or Kabale town. It is about 1.5 hours’ drive from Buhoma and almost the same drive time from Kabale town. Unlike the Buhoma sector or Bwindi, clients staying in the Buhoma area always prefer to trek the gorillas within the area although when the gorilla permits in the Buhoma area are sold out, the best available option would be for that early morning drive to the Ruhija area of the park where you are most likely to be allocated the Bitukura group.

Although Ruhija is the closest sector especially if driving from Kampala, most peopl prefer to trek the gorillas in the Buhoma area sighting mostly, the terrain. It is considered to be more steeper in the Ruhija area compared to the Buhoma area. This fact according to most people who have done the gorilla trek more than once is subjective. Some people have found trekking the gorillas in Ruhija area less tasking because they found them early almost at the start of their trek.

What do you expect on the Gorilla trek?

Needless to say, the gorilla trekking experience is the same and can be explained differently by each individual based on the thrill they go through. Brace your self especially if you are going for the trek with the below tips;

-Prepare for either a short or long trek.

-Pack the correct gear I mean long sleeved shirts and long pants, for women I would advise against wearing skirts while on the trek reason being, it is an impenetrable rain forest and we wouldn’t want any surprises.

-Carry light rain gear or a poncho because Bwindi is a tropical rain forest and it can rain any time of the day in the forest.

-Wear a pair of steady walking shoes because the forest ground is usually not dry.

-Don’t forget to carry enough water because the exercise of walking can be tedious and involves using a lot of energy hence, re-hydration is always paramount.

-In case you have altitude issues experienced before, be sure to check in with your doctor because the altitude in Bwindi is between 1500 to 2100 meters above sea level.

-Some people have found gardening gloves really useful in the forest for at times it can get slippery and your hands might end up on ground.

-In case you can, gaiters have been found useful during the trek.

-A lunch box to carry during the trek should not be forgotten, remember we began by saying you should be prepared for either a short or long trek.

-Make use of a camera or phone, this however contradicts with statements made by some people who have pointed out that the best memories are always embedded in one’s head.

-The most important rule is; please follow the guidelines stated forward by the ranger guides who know these gentle giants so well and wishing for the best possible experience in your lifetime.

Congratulations to Uganda Wildlife Authority for the conservation efforts and ensuring a steady increase in the gorilla population in the country.