Rwanda Air, The First African Airline to Vaccinate its Staff

Rwanda Air pilot getting a Covid-19 Jab vaccine

Rwanda Air has started out the campaign to vaccinate all its staff against covid-19. It has announced the vaccination exercise on its twitter handle where it wrote, “Rwanda Air is the first African airline to vaccinate all staff against covid-19, which will position the carrier as one of the safest on the continent. With hashtags #FlyTheDreamofAfrica, #FlySafewithUS.

This is a great move by Rwanda Air to make the skies of Africa safe for travellers around the world. Covid-19 has brought an impasse in air traveling. Most people around the world who wish to travel around Africa for safari trips feel it is not safe because of the contagiousness of the covid-19 virus. The covid-19 is both viral and deadly, over 100 million cases have been recorded and millions of deaths have been announced.

COvid-19 has crippled so many ventures around the world in particular the air transport industry due to the lockdown and other standard operating procedures that have been inducted to stop its spread. The lockdown and other SOPs have led to the ban of air travel and vacationing within some countries around the world.

However, with the inventions of different vaccines, there is great hope that the air travel industry will get back to its feet. In Africa, Rwanda Air has taken a big stride by vaccinating all its staff to make traveling in Africa safe.