Lion Killers in Uganda Caught

killed lion Queen Elizabeth
carcess of lion lying in Queen Elizabeth national park as security personnel look on

The killers of the 6 lions that were found dead in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda were caught on the 24th March 2021.  This was announced through press release by Uganda wildlife Authority.

Six carcasses of lions were found lying in Queen Elizabeth National park-Ishasha Sector last week on Friday 19th March 2021. The scenes and news were very heart wrenching and touched all nature loving people. The Uganda Wildlife Authority together with the different Uganda security organs vowed to look for the people who were behind the massacre.

The four killers who include the 68-year-Old, were caught by a joint operation of the Uganda wildlife authority(UWA), Uganda police and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF)

How the Operation Went

“In the afternoon of yesterday, the suspected killers of the lions transcended the operation team to the places where some parts of the slitted dead lions were hidden. One head was buried with 15 legs under the tree and three heads of lions were also casted under the ground in a different place.” “One of the legs was dropped into the park when the carnage was being carried out on Friday,” the suspects said.

“A two litre can of lion fat oil and three containers with deadly chemicals known Furadan were found in the banana plantation. At one of the suspect’s home a panga, two spear and a poaching net were found.”

“The four shameless men were said to have been given 40,000 Uganda shillings by some unidentified people to do the unspeakable killing of the lions”

“The suspects conceded to have committed the wicked crime of killing the lions”

This was all revealed by the UWA communication Manager Bashir Hangi in statement.

Mr. Hangi also commended and thanked the joint security team of Uganda Wildlife Authority, UPDF and Uganda for the great effort put in to catch the criminals.  The suspects will be brought to the courts of law to answer for the crimes they committed.