Test and Fly COVID 19 Laboratory set in Kampala Uganda

tes and fly Covid19 Lab kampala
opening of the test and fly laboratory

A fast and accredited COVID 19 testing and scanning laboratory has been set up in Kampala by renowned international laboratory service operators, Microhaem Laboratories in partnership with the Ministry of Health and National Aviation Services. This is called “The Test and Fly laboratory”.

In order to lessen the red tape and long hours each and every person goes through while testing COVID 19, the ministry of health and civil aviation authority partnered with reputable international laboratory service providers (Microhaem Laboratories) to establish COVID 19 testing laboratory situated near fairway hotel in Kampala. This will swiftly test air transport travellers in order to catch up their scheduled flights on time without any delay. This initiative came into action after allowing the aviation industry and airport to operate after a seven-month lockdown due to the COVID 19 scourge.

The test and fly laboratory has the potential of producing the COVID 19 results in two hours sparing travellers a one day or more days wait of the results. This is really a time saving scheme that will take the aviation industry to heights in these hard times.

The top brass of national aviation services, Mr Nouamane Zahouani elaborated that since a new laboratory has been established to specially deal with air traveller, the air transport sector will conveniently and successful run business in the thick of this ongoing global pandemic.

He added that the lab facility is vastly equipped with advanced technology that will swiftly transfer the COVID 19 results of the tested travellers to the operating airline systems.

Other distinguished personnel also made their remarks on the new establishment. For example The Director of Clinical Services at the Ministry of health, Dr. Charles Olaro claimed that the new COVID 19 testing laboratory is an addition to the Uganda’s testing capacity as the already established ones where overwhelmed by the every increasing number of people wishing to test COVID19.

Dr. Susan Nabadda Central Public Health Laboratories also addressed that the newly established laboratories went through all the health and legal procedures to start operating and CPHL will keep on inspecting it.

The testing at the test and fly laboratory will cost $60 and the results will be out in about 2 hours after the testing.

This is such great news to the air travellers. It should be remembered that the president of Uganda stipulated that each and every traveller was meant to carry a  COVID 19 PCR Negative test with a validity of 72 hours while traveling and it must be from an accredited laboratory. The President said this while announcing the opening of all international borders/ports to traveller at the recent COVID 19 national address.