Travel in Africa Is About to Get a Lot Easier By an All Africa Passport


Some African countries have come together to make one common passport that will also all their national to travel for free in those countries in the agreement. The all Africa passport will permit about 1.2 billion Africans to travel freely among countries on the cradle land.

It is has been such a very cost incurring venture to travel all different African countries yet they are within the same region.

Lest take a sneak peek into the current travel costs around the African continent. You have to part with $ 95 for visa entry to travel to Sierra Leone, Uganda $ 50 in Ethiopia it costs $52 and a massive $ 475 for a multi entry visa to the democratic republic of Congo. Put in mind that Africa as a continent has 55 countries so mathematically it is damn expensive to travel to around Africa. If you were to travel to all countries on continent as an African it could cost you a fortune yet to our counter parts in Europe, they have a European passport and those in the Western Europe, and they have a Schengen region where its people travel to various countries under the treaty for free of charge without visa fees.

However, this is about to change since a proposal of an all-African passport is imminent. The Africa union commission has been punishing for the mission so hard that would permit about 1.2 billion African people to travel freely across the continent. This is good news for the travel fraternity and the business world since one of the few factors that have been hindering their deals was the visa restrictions.

Nonetheless, all Africa passport is good for the continent and the Africa Union is pushing for it, there are some countries that are hesitant to ride on the wagon. It is one of the reason as to why the processions are still at futile.

Meanwhile Africa is one of the top tourism destinations in the world but its people do not experience them due to the alarming fees of the visa so making it visa free for its people. They will have an opportunity to see beauty inside from the modern cities to the national game parks that have different species of animals to the lakes and rivers.