Popular Questions Asked When Renting a Car in Uganda

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4x4 toyota rav4 for hire in Uganda

While renting a car in Uganda, travelers come with many questions to ensure that they are safe and also get the right services.  Below are some of the most commonly asked questions in line with car hire in Uganda as well as East Africa.

Is it always cheaper to pre book a car rental or should it be booked upon arrival; pre booking of the car allows you make the best choice and even have access to the vehicles given the high demand for the cars. Depending on the season, you can get a chance to enjoy some of the discounts and get to save money for other uses.

Why need a self drive tour? A self drive rental has become the most sought after experience presently. It gives freedom and flexibility for the travelers to make their own decisions on where they wish to have a visit. It gives you a chance to have a glance at variety of tourist attractions within your own pace. Uganda is a safe country when it comes to self drive safaris.

How old should you be to hire a vehicle in Uganda for self drive? With in Uganda, to be able to hire a car for self driving, you must be 18 years and above.

What if you return the car early? You are free to return the car early however; you will not be refunded for unused rental days. You as the client and your rental company will have an agreement that you will have to negotiate and once it’s agreed upon, it has to be respected.

Are there some hidden costs? The self drive services come with compulsory costs most especially the road taxes or airport fees. More so some companies tend to remove costs and taxes charged directly by the third party as well as extra items. You are therefore advised to always ask the car rental company in case there are some extra costs prior to hiring the car and this will help you plan well. With Ugandan car agency, you are assured that there are no hidden charges apart from that included in the quote.

Am I qualified enough to drive? In case you are 20 years of age and above and you have a driving license, you are entitled to hiring a car in Uganda. In case you are under age, but with a driving permit, you have to pay under age driver surcharge in order to hire a vehicle.

What is included in the daily rental fee? There is 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance coverage for accidental damage and theft as well as free vehicle delivery and pick up.

What of the cancellation fees? The agency will charge you no cancellation fees as long as you give like 7 days written notice of cancellation and the company will refund you the money for commitment fees minus the surcharge and when you cancel 5 days before, then you are refunded 50% of the commitment fees. When you cancel in less than 5 days to the starting day of your rental, the company will not give you any refund.

Is there are some free Kilometers allowances? Ugandan car rental agencies give no restrictions on the kilometers you drive unless you hire the car for hours.

Is there a bond or deposit payable? No, All the rental vehicles are comprehensively insured and there is no bond needed but some companies ask for it and $400 Is paid but the money is refunded after the car is returned.

Do I have to refuel or clean the car on return;’ for car cleaning, it’s not necessary since there might be no time. This means that you can return the car as it is, with the fuel, it depends on what you agreed upon with the rental agency, once you took the car with full tank, return it with full tank.

Do I need an international driving permit? Yes, you will need this since its proof that you have a valid driver’s license in your home country at the date of the issue. You must carry it along with the valid driver’s license.

Is it important to have travel insurance; this is highly recommended and your tour operator is the right person to advise you on the type of policy needed for a particular safari.