The Most Popular East African Beers to Try Out This Coming Vacation

popular eastafrican beer to take on your coming vacation

Beer is one of the oldest drinks people widely consume in the world after water and tea. People normally have it while having a good time since it gives people the courage to do things they feel like doing without any hesitation or shyness. In context beer makes people be in their zone.

Most vacationers who come to the east Africa much yearn for the brewed drinks do to their crisps taste and purity in the making and here are the most popular beers to try out this coming vacation.


Tusker is the most famous brands of beer in Kenya and most people who visit Kenya can never leave without taking a tusker brand. The beer is owned by east African breweries limited and it is the highest selling beer in East Africa with about 700000 hectoliters sold in Kenya through the year.  It is a 4.2% ABV per bottle.

Nile special lager- Uganda

This is an award winning beer in the world. On your stay in Uganda, this should be the beer that you would not miss out to taste. It is brewed in Jinja the place where the source of the Nile is located and from the Nile it’s where the water in the beer is fetched from. Nile special lager also gets its name from river Nile.

It is the most popular beer in the night clubs of Uganda. It comes in a 500ml brown bottle and also has an ABV 5.6%

Safari lager and Kilimanjaro premium- Tanzania

Safari beer is one of the oldest beers in Tanzania and also a vintage classic for many “Ujazo Zaidi ladha kamili” (filled to the bream packed with real taste) and this beer lives to its slogan. It is ABV 5.5% pale lager and many people find it so strong in that they can hardly take 3 bottles.

Kilimanjaro premium derives its name from the great mountain of Kilimanjaro and one of the smoothest beers in Tanzania when you take one you yearn for more.

The flavor is crisp and light. It is 4.5% ABV pale lager.

Virunga mist and primus- Rwanda

Virunga mist is one of the most popular beers in Rwanda and gets its name from the Virunga ranges where the mountain gorillas are found. Virunga mist is a dark ale type of beer made with malt, cereals and hops. It is heavier than any other beer in the land of a thousand hills. It is 6.5% alcohol making it one of the strongest beers in East Africa.

Primus beer is the most loved beer in Rwanda. It is the common man’s beer as it is one of the cheapest beer in Rwanda. It costs around 1$-1.5$ and have 4% percent alcohol found in a one liter bottle.