Uganda Airlines Scoops Morning Slot at Heathrow London

Uganda Airlines
Uganda AIr Bus A33neo at Entebbe Airport

Uganda airlines has finally secured a morning slot at Heathrow International Airport London.  The Uganda air carrier will be operating at the most popular United Kingdom airport in the early morning hours. It will be landing at 6:00am and leave at 9:00 am. The morning slot is one of the most battled out flight operation time at Heathrow.

It is said that some airlines normally pay to the airport to take up the morning slot. For instance, in 2016, Oman Airways paid to secure it. Luckily the Uganda airlines has not paid any single penny for the slot, it was granted to it free of charge.

The Uganda airlines will be flying its newly acquire Airbus A330neo to London. The flight operations of the Uganda Airlines are likely to start in the month of May 2021 when all its flying certificates are acquired and endorsed. And also it waits for the lifting of the air travel ban by the United Kingdom which was exacted due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Securing a flight operation slot at Heathrow is a great achievement to the newly revived airline that has only stayed for 2 years. The Uganda Airlines was revived in 2019 by acquiring 3 CRJ900ERs which have been operating 9 regional routes up-to-date. It is also in contention to add Johannesburg and Lusaka to its 9 regional routes.

For the global routes, after the London route, it is trying to lob for the Mumbai, India, and Guangzhou, China.  This is also another popular flight route for travelers within Uganda and worldwide.