Ugandan musicians become political pillars for parties


In the course of this week there was a bye election for the parliamentary seat of Jinja east and Paul Mwiru emerged as the victor beating his arch rival Nathan Nabeta who had been thrown out of the parliament for rigging votes in 2016 election causing the bye election.

But it was not the candidates’ rivalry that made news it was the way their campaigns were ran for the bye election as they used popular musicians to influence the voters to vote for them. On the side of the opposition (Paul Mwiru), he had Bobi Wine alias Robert Kyagulanyi also the current member of parliament of Kyadondo east at his back. He campaigned for Mwiru and pulled a very huge crowd that even turned into real voters which made him win the elections. Leone Island CEO and prominent music star Jose chameleon was on the opposite in the wing of Nathan Nabeta (Ruling party). He tried his best to pull crowd but unfortunately his colleague lost so close.

It is also known that in 2016 election Uganda musicians collaborated on song which was a campaigning tool for the then incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and also perfomed on his rallies. Their presence and partnership with president Museveni made him win the elections since these musicians are big influencers of people in Uganda.