American Tourist Kidnapped in Uganda


One of the tour guides of still an unknown tour company in Uganda was abducted on monday night together with an American tourist by four an unidentified gun men. The incident occurred between Katoke gate and wilderness camp between 17:00 and 19:00 while on the evening game drive in Queen Elizabeth Pational Park West of Uganda.

The two victims were picked up by these ruthless gunmen who ambushed a safari van on game drive. It is alleged that there were around 7 people in the van but two people were taken a tourist of an American original and a local tour guide from still an unidentified tour company in Uganda.

The men who were wearing army attires had two machine guns as they ambushed the safari van with tourists and a tour guide. This took place in Edward track which is between Katoke gate and Wilderness camp. The rest of the tourists were left stranded in the track after the kidnappers picked the keys to the vehicle. They later on called the lodge manager of wilderness camp to tell him their misfortunes. The manager later on picked the rest of the tourists left. They went to Ishasha wilderness camp yesterday. The tourists entered the country on 29th March 2019. This statement was given by the manager wilderness camp.

More to that a joint statement  from the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) and Uganda tourism board (UTB) the two bodies responsible for tourism operations in Uganda and the Uganda police force has come out confirm that there was an abduction of a tourist of an American origin and a local tour guide by 4 gun men.  As seen below

Their whereabouts are still unknown but there is a feed that the kidnappers have called in asking for ransom of USD 50000$ (1.8 billion Uganda shillings).

More stories are still developing about the situation and we shall keep you updated and also hope that the two are resumed from the ruthless men.