Wildlife Monuments Installed in Kampala to Promote Tourism

gorilla statue
gorilla monument at Colline house Kampala

In a campaign to promote Uganda’s tourist attractions, a new ball has been brought on court. The Uganda tourism board and Kampala city council authority are installing monuments or statues in Kampala of the different unique wildlife species found in  the different national parks across the country

It is sufficing to note that Uganda majorly relies on its natural resources as a tool for tourism. Most of the tourists who come to the country visit the national parks to encounter the different wildlife species and some of the notable species to visit in Uganda are the big five animals (lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes) and rare primates like mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. The aforementioned species are always at the forefront when Uganda promoting and marketing herself as tourism destination.

Kampala being the capital and the first place where foreign travelers touch or encounter, The Uganda Tourism Body (UTB) a state organization responsible for promoting Uganda as a tourism destination and Kampala city council authority (KCCA) another parastatal responsible for managing Kampala city have teamed up to install the various wildlife species in kinds of monuments. The monuments will act as a reflection of what Uganda has got in its national parks hence compelling the different travelers to go visit these protected areas.

We have seen a few wild animal statutes being established on the different popular streets and lanes of Kampala for instance on the Kitante-Kamwokya road different wild animal memorabilia have been raised up. And also yesterday, in the afternoon, a Gorilla monument was unveiled at Collin House on Nile Avenue by His Worship the Lord Mayor Kampala Erias Lukwago, KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka and UWA ED Sam Mwandha. Present at the function was Chairman UWA Board of Trustees Dr. Panta Kasoma, UTB CEO Lilly Ajarova, UWA Director of Tourism Stephen Masaba and Directors from KCCA among the guests that graced the occasion.