His full name is Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu, former army commander, former EALA MP and former FDC president.
Humble, full of humility, simple, sociable, honest, very considerate, and great soldier.

Uganda has about 7 gentlemen and 2 women that greatly inspire me. Muhammad Mayanja Kibirige, Mugisha Muntu, Hussein Kyanjo, Nuwa Nuwe Amanya Mushega among others

In 2012 when Hon. Mwiru Paul first contested, the then jinja DPC (Apollo) confronted us in their roguish characteristic manner, what Gen. Muntu told him humbled not just the funny DPC but his juniors and all of us.
He pointed and emphatically told him “When in this uniform work hard for the time after you no longer put it on, when you don’t have the escort, no body guards and when they no longer open the car door for you. When you’re all alone with the civilian. Think and work for it youngman.”

Gen. Muntu repeated those same words to Gen. Kaihura. I remember when he warned him not to behave as if he is holding the heaven with his hands against the earth for people to live. ‘Being humble and considerate is cost less…” he once advised Gen. Kale.
While appearing on a talkshow, he warned Kaihura to go to west Nile and see how former Generals are selling roasted g.nuts in streets of Arua. He further warned him on if he doesn’t change his ways, Gen. M7 will him dump him at a point when even the common hates him.
Gen. Muntu served as army commander at the mist turbulent time, transformed a rebel army to a national character, the time Gen. M7 himself was min. of defence, patronage was highest but rejected many unprofessional orders.

Its not easy to serve gen. M7 for over 8 years at the levels Gen. Muntu did and you come out spotless.
Unfortunately the configuration of politics in the M7’s Uganda doesn’t favour the treasure in Gen. Muntu. Some have even tried to spoil his name but his silence knocks them aside.

I hope our men and women can take good lessons from the personality of Gen. Muntu especially in light of the arrest of Gen. Kale Kaihura.

To you Gen. #GregoryMugishaMuntu may your stars shine more brighter.

By Odaka Asuman Former MP candidate Tororo Municipality